29 July 2013

Finished Masks

Hello and Happy Monday!  I am currently down in Orlando -- I went to Warped Tour yesterday with my friend and classmate Erika!  But, I still wanted to share some pictures with you.  These are pictures of my classes finished Plaster Masks!!


The Whole Class Wearing our Masks

Now you can see the person behind the mask!

Angela's mask

Rupa's mask

Oliva's Mask

Mary's Mask

Jaimie's Mask

Hillary's Mask

Chelsea's Arm!! 

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the finished product!  I'll be back tonight and hopefully I'll have some good pics from our trip to Orlando (even though it is only a 2-day trip!) to share with you!!  Have a wonderful day!!

1 comment:

  1. The masks are wonderful! What fun everyone must have had making them!