30 April 2014

RBP Fitness Journal & Art Journal Page

For some time now I have been keeping a right brain planner inspired fitness journal.  I like being able to go through it and see what I did during previous weeks.  Here is one of my recently completed spreads in this journal:

And a page in my right brain planner annual planner pack:

I am quite happy with how both of these turned out.  I really like collaging words and letters all over pages.  Thanks for stopping by today, hope to "see" you tomorrow!

29 April 2014

Happy Art Swap Cards

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to show you two cards I recently created for the Happy Art Swap:

Art may not really be all you need, but it is absolutely true that art supports your mental health!  I hope you get the chance to do a lot of art so you can be as mentally healthy as possible!  Thanks for stopping by today - have a lovely day!

28 April 2014

April Right Brain Planner Pages

Just wanted to share a few of my recently created pages from my Right Brain Planner annual planner kit.  First, the April section page:

And then a few pages:

I have not done very much art journaling due to the all the homework - for instance I worked on these two pages over the course of a week or so.  Anyways, I really like how they turned out.  Not having as much time to create makes me appreciate it more!  Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day.

25 April 2014

A Few More Postcards

A while ago (a year...two???) I got this book:

Its an old Kotex booklet from 1962 that tells young ladies about growing up.  I got it because I thought it would be good for art journaling.  I finally used it!  I used it to make a few postcards!  Here they are:

That last picture was just a line drawings like the others above but I colored it in with Pitt Pens.  They are quite different from what I normally do but I like them.  Well friends I hope you have a wonderful week!  "See" you on Monday!

24 April 2014

Postcards for the Upcoming Swap

I am participating in iHanna's swap next month so I having been slowly making mailart postcards to send across the globe!  Here a few that I just recently finished:

I think that last one is my favorite!  Art is my secrete weapon in so many ways!!  Come back tomorrow and I will show you 3 more cards!!  Have a wonderful day.

23 April 2014

Final Art Piece for Practicum

This semester my last semester of practicum - the class where we have supervision for our internships.  Part of our final class is to present art pieces based on our work with a particular client.  This is the pieces from my first practicum class when I was interning at a rehabilitation hospital:

And my second one when I was interning at a women's prison:

The purple side represents how I thought the semester would be and below is how I felt the semester actually went (it was MUCH better than anticipated).

And, finally, here is the piece for my final practicum class:
Its hard to read those tiny letters but they say "small unnoticable (yes I forgot an N) changes can be mighty" and "keep truckin.  Stay positive."

22 April 2014

Sunday Funday

This past Sunday was good!  I got up and went on my long run.  After I had breakfast and showered I went to get my best friend and we went to an art festival!  I got this bracelet:

I like it!  Then I finished the last piece of homework for this semester!  I still have to study for my comprehensive exam on April 29th and work on my thesis but no more homework for this semester!  Woo.  It feels great to have reached that point.

Then I did some art and I got to use my food processor for the first time!  I made Avocado Dressing:

Here is the recipe....
Combine the following in a blender or food processor: 1 large or 2 small avocados, 1/4 cup olive or grapeseed oil, 1 handful fresh cilantro, 1 jalapeƱo stem and seeds removed, 2-3 cloves of garlic, juice from 1 lime, 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, and 1/4 cup water.

Nutritional Information per 1 TBSP: 56 calories, 5.4 grams fat, .7 grams Sat Fat, 1.3mg Sodium, 2.4 g Carb, 0.9 g Fiber, 1.0g sugar, 0.2 g protein.

Its good!  It came out thick, but I added a little bit of water to the dressing I was going to use on my salad  I only used 1/4 cup of it on my BIG salad (I eat salad out of a serving bowl hehe) when other dressings I have to use more.  So, this dressing is higher calorie but better for me and I use less.  I think that is a win.

I am super excited to use my food processor all summer!  I am going to make soups and hummus and dressings and who knows what else!  My food processor also slices and grates so that are many options!

Well friends, that is all for today!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend like I did.  If you use a food processor I would love to know what your favorite thing to make is, so please share!

21 April 2014

What a Wonderful Weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend!  I did some homework on Friday but it wasn't anything too stressful - mostly printing things I had already worked on.  On Saturday I made some art and taught step class.  We did double step - its where you put two steps next to each other and one person faces the front of the room and the other faces the back and you move back and forth between the two steps instead of just using one.  Its really fun and my class asked to do it again next week!  I don't have a picture from Saturday - but here I am on Thursday before the body tone class that I teach:

After step class on Saturday I went to the store and got this:

My very first food processor!  I've wanted one for at least 2 years now.  I'm super excited to have it.  I've already used it too - but you will have to come back tomorrow to find out about that!

I also got this cool thingy:

I think it will come in handy.

Then I went to the grocery store and got groceries.  I made this recipe for dinner:

Here is what mine looked like:

It was DELICIOUS!  I made those potatoes from scratch!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking new things.  I totally thought "this is what life will be like when I graduate - art and cooking!" and I am not upset about that at all.  Making good food that is good for my body is something I like to do!

It was a good day!  Sunday was good too - join me tomorrow for the re-cap!

18 April 2014

Why I was MIA for the past week...

I've been super busy this past week.  On the 10th I went to the Group Exercise Instructors Banquet.  They gave out paper plate awards; this was mine:

It's pretty applicable.  I did become a group exercise instructor due to my love of Step Aerobics and I do use it as therapy!

On the 11th I went to the SportsAbility banquet with some of the girls from my program.  Here we are with our professor Dave and his wife:

The 12th was the FSU Spring Game.  It was not that interesting though so we left early, made Doritos Taco Salad and watched movies!

The 13th I exercised, worked on cleaning my house and doing some homework, and went to hang out at the pool with Hillary.

The 14th was school.  The 15th was the University Leadership Awards Banquet.  I got an award!

On the 16th I had photo shoot for Vires Magazine - its the magazine of the FSU Alumni Association.  They are doing a story on three of us student veterans.  I think its pretty awesome that I get to be in the story!!

Hopefully I will be back to posting M-F again now...but the end of the semester is upon us, so we shall see!  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!

17 April 2014

Documented Life Project Weeks 14 & 15

I'm doing my documented life project catch-up post after only 2 weeks.. I think that may be a first.  Anyways, here are some photos for you...

Week 14 was the week of the Homeless Veteran Stand Down and the CVA's Military Ball.  The challenge this week was to decorate the page with your name:

Week 15 - the monochromatic week... of course I did pink again! Here is how it turned out:

I like how both of the weeks came out!  Simple but good!  I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the pictures!!  Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great day!!

10 April 2014

Volunteering at the Stand Down

So, I posted a few days about doing art therapy at the North Florida Homeless Veteran Stand Down.  That was on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday I went out with the FSU Student Veterans and volunteered manual labor to help take apart the site after the event was over.  Here are some photos:

I'm doing real work! 

Taking apart a tent

Folding Cots

Group Photo (although some people left before this photo)

It was hard work!  I was exhausted after - I have not rolled camou or folded cots since 2009! I am glad we went though - they told me that they were really in need of some help!

09 April 2014

Military Ball

Last Friday the FSU Collegiate Veterans Association had a military ball!  Here are some photos:

 We had a photo booth....

The ball was a lot of fun!  I took full advantage of the opportunity to network - and the chance to catch up with my fellow student vets that I have been missing due to all the homework I have had to do this semester that has caused me to miss so many events.  It was a wonderful night.

08 April 2014

Art Therapy at the Homeless Veteran Stand Down

This past weekend was the North Florida Homeless Veteran Stand Down.  It is a 3-day event that aims to help homeless veterans get back on their feet.  They can come stay at the camp for 3 days and get food, clothes, showers, a safe place to sleep, legal assistance, medical care, dental care, housing assistance, state IDs or drivers licenses, birth certificates, help filing a disability claim with the VA.  In addition, a lot of other companies/organizations come out to set up a table and provide service or information... for instance: a library, the local junior college, the national guard family readiness group, pet therapy, art therapy (of course!), music therapy, a library, recreation therapy, red cross, health department, and many more!

The FSU Art Therapy Association went out from 8-4 on Friday and 830-430 on Saturday and we made an American Flag with everyone that was there.  We had contributions from ages 2-70!  Here are some photos from our time out there:

This dog came and did art therapy with us! 

This is what she made!

At the end of day one! 

half-way done

Shark!  Have fun doing a slow-moment!  

The finished flag!  Its so wonderful!! 

It was a lot of fun to get to talk to all the veterans and the veteran service providers.  I am really glad I got to go!!