30 January 2014

Cultural Genogram

One of our classes this semester is Multicultural Art Therapy.  So, we are learning to be more culturally competent so that we can better help clients from all different backgrounds!  Part of being able to better help others is to better understand yourself.  We are writing a paper about our cultural genogram - it is supposed to talk about our family's culture and how it has impacted us as people and how it will impact us as therapist.  

The green part represents my military time and the words in the part represent the military influences on my life.   The yellow is professional influences. The Orange is organizational influences and the red is societal influences.  I made it all a spiral because I felt like it all mixes up together to result in me at the very center (the pink).  I am pretty sure that this is the complete opposite of what my teacher expects as far as the art goes - we had an article that described a certain way to do this type of art but I ignored it (not surprising, I often do my own thing).   I just hope she accepts it.  Wish me luck.

29 January 2014

Right Brain Planner Pages

I've been playing in my Right Brain Planner lately and I have made several pages.  So, today I will share some of them with you:

Hope you guys enjoyed the peek.  Thanks for stopping by!!

28 January 2014

Journal Pages for Meredith

My classmate and I have begun another art journal swap.  The first journal I got belonged to Meredith.  So, here is what I made in her journal:

I also decorated the cover (with her approval):

I hope you just enjoyed the peek!  Thanks for stopping by!

27 January 2014

Some more mailart

It seems I am ALWAYS making mail art....that's because I love it.  I made a few more cards to finish off my stack to send for my swap that I am participating in.  Here they are:

I had a few extras so I sent some of them to some fellow artsy ladies in different places!  Here is the stack I sent out:

More mailart will be made soon since I have decided to try making Valentines Day themed mailart with my veteran clients so that they can send it to loved ones.  Hopefully some of them will participate and I will certainly have to make a few examples.  Thanks for stopping by!!

24 January 2014

Documented Life Week 3

It seems the year is zoomin by!  Today I wanted to show you what I have done in my documented life planner this past week...

The week 3 challenge was to use an envelope that arrived in the mail... my mailbox was surprisingly empty this week but I did use part of an envelope that had my mortgage tax information in it... its on the bottom of this page and made to serve as a pocket:
 The week 3 planner side of the spread, with daily affirmations:

I also worked on my 2014 intentions collage:
 Still got some space there so I will probably come back in a few weeks and add more to it!
Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful weekend!

23 January 2014

Late Christmas

On my birthday and Christmas I got gift cards.  I kept them both because I always want to make sure that I use gift cards for something really good - something worth it.  So, anyways, my upcoming cruise helped me decide to what to get.  I got a new piece of luggage:

I needed something in between my big one and my small one.

I also got a new camera:

My old one has some lens trouble and the battery is completely dead.  This new one is waterproof up to 33 feet so I won't have to worry about it getting splashed on during my cruise and if we go snorkeling I can take photos!  It also is supposed to be drop proof (7 feet) and stand up to extreme temperatures... I thought this would be good since I am hoping to do more traveling later this year.

22 January 2014

Somebody's Watching Me

We are supposed to be maintaining a journal to process our feelings relating to our art therapy experiences this semester... so, before being asked by my teacher if I had done so,  I made this:

Those sunglasses are from September when my eyes were dilated... I kept them because I knew I wanted to use them in journal page.  I like how the song really fit what I wanted to say!  You can hear the song if you don't know by clicking on this link: Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

21 January 2014

Last 2 Pages in My Sketbook Project Journal

Today I am going to show you the last two pages of my Sketcbook Project journal!!!

This last page was started in class when we were suppose to design a flag to represent our culture...but after I drew the TX flag and the paintbrush my teacher came over and said not to do it in my journal but to make it on a separate piece of paper.  So, then I added the circle stickers and the froggie - it now shows three of my favorite things: painting, Texas and Frogs!

20 January 2014

Art Journal Pages using Mailart

Today I wanted to show you some pages I made using some of the mailart that I have received.  I have recently made two pages using mailart... here they are:
This first page using mail art that I received from Sandie (click that link - go check out her blog)
The second one used art from Sarah at Rainbow Gecko Gallery!  I made both of these pages where you can lift up the card and there is writing underneath!!

17 January 2014

More Postcard Swap Cards1

Today I've got some more mailart postcards to show you.  They will be mailed out in about 2 weeks!  

That is all my postcards for now!  Hope you guys enjoyed seeing them!!  

16 January 2014

Upcoming Postcard Swap Cards

Once again I am participating in another mailart postcard swap!!  So, I've been making lots of lovely cards to ship all around the world in a few weeks.  Today I'm going to show some them to you!  So, here they are:

I hope you guys liked them.  Come back tomorrow to see some more!!

15 January 2014

Other Unsolicited Mailart

I do a lot of swaps, so often when I receive mailart it is not unexpected.  Sometimes though, people surprise me and send me things when I don't know to expect it!  Those are always wonderful surprises.  So, in my huge stack of holiday art, here are some of the unexpected things I got:
 These cards were sent to me by a fellow The Art Journaler (TAJ) Community artist!!
 The card above came from Sarah in Australia - she is awesome and loves to trade art stuff with me!

That last card was not handmade but came with some handmade goodness inside!!  Thanks Trece!!
It was wonderful to get all of these goodies upon my return to FL!

14 January 2014

My JAN HASwap Cards

I just mailed my Happy Art Swap cards for the January swap.  Of course I had to do some web drawing cards:

I think they came out good!  I would have collaged on top of them if I had more time but alas, the life of a graduate student is BUSY!

13 January 2014

HA Swap Cards Received in December

Today I wanted to share with you the cards I received in the mail for the December Happy Art Swap!  Here they are:

I actually did not get them until JAN 3rd when I got home from visiting my family, but it was nice to come home to multiple pieces of happy mail.

09 January 2014

Documented Life Week 1

Hello friends.  I want to share my week 1 of the documented life project!  So, here is the actual week:
I am not really using it as a planner.  Its more of a tracker?  I am doing affirmations on each day.  I am also trying to keep track of weather or not I do something creative, use my rice bag for my eyes, and get all my 10,000 steps in for the day.  Those things are not always accomplished but with the little reminder there to do it maybe I will improve.

And then the challenge to use a door/your door:

I used both the door to my apartment in Florida and the one to my parent's house in Texas.  I'm super lucky - I have two homes!

08 January 2014

Sketchbook Project Pages Part 2

More sketchbook project journal pages for you today!  These were also created on JAN 1st.

I have about 5 more spreads to do and then I will be finished with the book.  Hopefully I will finish it by Friday so I can mail it on Saturday. Wish me luck.

07 January 2014

Oh Yeah

The Florida State University Seminoles are the 2013 BCS Champs!!


Sketchbook Project Pages

Today I am going to share some of the art journal pages I have made in my Sketchbook Project journal. I made these while doing art with my mom on January 1st.
 I love that little gecko with the bow tie!
 This pink one is actually two spreads.. here is one:
 And turn the half page and it ends up looking like this:

I like how it turned out!  Come back tomorrow for some more pages!!

06 January 2014

New Years Day!

On New Years Day I did a 5K called the Resolution Solution.
 At the end of the race they had champagne:

It was a fun way to start the year.  Mom and I spent a few hours making art and then we all went to see Hunger Games.  I had already seen it but mom and dad had not.

What did you do for New Years?