30 August 2013

Random School Stuff

School has started...I'm sure you guys figured that out already.  I just have some random photos to share with you today!

The FSU Gamma Phi Beta chapter (I was a Gamma Phi Beta at Texas Tech University) has patriotic letters outside of their house:
This totally made me happy when I walked past it!

Another thing I am happy about:

I get to go to the President's box during the military appreciation football game on 21 September!  It will be my first time in a sky box at a football game!  And before it starts we get to go to a reception at the President's house!  

Lastly, look at this:

Its a stamp I get to use on charts at my internship site!  Woo.  

This past two weeks... the week before school and the first week of school have been CRAZY!  Probably somewhat due to taking a 2 week "vacation" where I was not able to get stuff done in Tallahassee (worth it, though!)....hoping that things calm down next week (it seems likely).  

I also hope that you guys have been having a good back-to-school transition (whatever that means to you!)  Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful weekend.  

29 August 2013

New Journal Cover

Today we start a new round of art journal swapping.  I am using an old atlas that I found at a thrift store in Texas.  Here is the cover:

And opened up:

You can see, by comparing my hand, that its HUGE!  I can't wait to see what people create inside of it!!

28 August 2013

The Last of the Texas ICADs

Today I am going to share with you the last few ICADs I made while I was in Texas.

The 16th was when we went to the dinner theater:
On the 17th we did a lot of different things.  We went to an open air market in Garland, TX.  Then we went to downtown McKinney and checked out the antique stores.  After lunch at Cracker Barrel we went to IKEA (which is where I got the background and the orange strips for the ICAD) and then we were SO TIRED, but we went to see The Heat and it was VERY VERY funny.

I am pretty sure that I made an ICAD on the 18th, but I don't have a photo of it!  Let me tell you guys that every time I fly into DFW I get SUPER excited when I can see the city when we are landing.  I used to not be sad about leaving until the plane to go home took off, but now its like as soon as I have to say goodbye I start to get sad.  I think mostly I didn't want to come back to Tallahassee because I know this semester will be SUPER busy and I don't even feel like I got a break.

I hope you guys enjoyed my Texas Trip recap posts... starting tomorrow I will be telling you about all of the craziness of the fall semester of my second year of graduate art therapy classes!!  Stay tuned for some antics.

27 August 2013

Texas ICADs 12-15 August

More ICAD creations from my trip to Texas... let's get down to it...
12 & 13 August:
14 August:
15 August:
 This was the day we went to see the Baby Elephant!!   We also went to see "We're The Millers" which I thought was a pretty funny movie.  I don't usually go see movies, and its something that we can do as a family, so went tend to go see movies when we are together!  We only saw 3 movies while I was there.

Well friends, that is all for today!!  Thanks for stopping by...have a great day.

26 August 2013

Texas ICADs 7-11 August

Hello friends - happy Monday.  I continued creating ICADs all the  way up through the 18th of August - even though the challenge officially ended at the end of July.  So, I wanted to share some of them with you.



9 Aug:

10 Aug:

and 11 Aug:

In all honest, I got a little lazy and some days were VERY minimal...but it was "vacation" after all.  I hope you guys enjoyed the photos.  Come back tomorrow for some more pics!!

24 August 2013

Randomness from Texas

Monday I will be sharing some of my ICADs that were created while in Texas, so today I am going to share a bunch of random stuff from my trip to Texas.  Here we go.....
old hair

New hair
Some funny business with "hats"

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater:

I have a bunch of other random stuff, but do you really care about seeing a picture of my blue coconut snow cone?  I doubt it, so I will conclude this post.  Please stop by next week to see some ICADs and some art!!

23 August 2013

Zoo Trip Number 2

So... when I first told my mom that Hillary & her family took me to the zoo when I went to Palm Bay she thought it was odd that a bunch of adults went to the zoo.  But, really, who could resist hand feeding giraffes????

So, it was rather amusing to me when my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the Fort Worth Zoo to see the recently born baby elephant!  Of course I did.  So, today I wanted to share with you a few photos of that adorable 330 lb baby!  Here they are:
Mom and I sitting on a bench taking a break from all the zoo walking

It was quite fun, but a LOT of walking.  After the zoo we took long naps!!   Well friends, that is all for now.  Come back again tomorrow for more photos from my trip to Texas!!

13 August 2013


Hello friends!  I am alive and in Texas on "vacation."  I've decided to take a bit of a break from blogging due to being super busy and having no wifi for my computer! 

Here are a few of the things I am doing while on "vacation":
*Fulbright Full Grant Application <very long/complicated process including a 12 page online application and writing two separate essays>
*2014 American Art Therapy Association Conference Presentation Proposal
*Veteran Orientation Power Point Slide about Fall 2013 Creative Arts Workshop
*Coordinating with 2 people to get the Creative Arts Workshop ready to go
*FSU Art Therapy Association President Misc.

And... I am still trying to have fun with my mom and dad! So far we have gone to the outlet malls (I got 2 pairs of jeans and a shirt), and many other stores (I got khakis and a few shirts) and we have eaten at Cracker Barrel 3 times (surprisingly not more!) and saw Elysium (which was good but lots of blood). 

Today, after I have a phone call meeting with the Office of National Fellowships at FSU, mom and I are going to meet her cousin for lunch at the Montgomery Street Antique Mall Tea Room.  Then we will look at all the antiques! 

I will try to get some pictures at some point so I have something to show you!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! "See" ya soon.

08 August 2013

My Last Day in Palm Bay

On Sunday we went to the beach for a walk!  It was so pretty and the water felt awesome!!

Hillary wrote in the sand ...she drew a heart and put "Emma" inside (that's her still-in-the-womb niece!)

Me and the water!

Someone wrote "Florida 2013" and I took a picture
After our walk on the beach we stopped in downtown Melbourne and went into all the shops!  I had my first Kilwins experience:
I got the toasted coconut and it was YUMMY.

After downtown we stopped at Barns & Noble since I had a 15% off coupon.  I am a nerd, so I got this:

Yep.. a DSM 5!  It was still super expensive after the coupon, but I figure it will be good for many years (hopefully at least!) and I will probably use it for paper writing this next year... and we may even need to purchase it for class (a not yet confirmed rumor).

The last thing I want to share with you guys is a picture of this awesome bag Hillary's mom made for me:

And it came filled with goodies:

A pink (of course) water bottle and a bag of snacks!  It is the perfect size... one of the inside pockets is the exact size of my Moleskin "notes" notebook:

And my liter size water bottle fits inside of it!  Woo!!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you guys the travel art journal pages that I did while on this trip:

 This last one is not really complete, but the background was just gesso over the original page... so I added watercolor to it while we were watching Harry Potter (can't remember which number... probably 3 or 4... we watched 1-4 this weekend!)

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you guys enjoyed my super quick re-cap of the trip!  "See" ya soon.

07 August 2013

Brevard Zoo

This past weekend was our first weekend after summer classes ended.  I was not headed home to TX until yesterday so I went with my friend and classmate Hillary to Palm Bay, FL and stayed with her at her parent's house for a few days!  Saturday morning we went to the Brevard Zoo and it was a lot of fun!!  Here are some photos:

Hillary's wingspan in comparison to the vultures we saw

Hillary's favorite animal!

This cute animal is full grown!
 One of the reasons we went to the zoo was because you can feed Giraffes for $1!

Here I am feeding the Giraffe!

Snack time! 

Hillary feeding the Giraffe

Hillary and I as turtles!
We really enjoyed the zoo and we had perfect timing.  Within 30 minutes of us leaving the zoo it started to pour rain!  The zoo tired us out so we went home and watched movies while it rained for the rest of the evening!

Thanks for stopping by - hope you enjoyed the animal pics!