13 March 2014

Another Documented Life Catch-up Post

Well it seems I am not very good at staying on top of posting the Documented Life pages... so, here we go with another catch-up post.

Week 8 - Add a flap to your flap... I normally don't even do one flap but I did two for this challenge so I ended up with lots of pages:

Week 9 - Use recycled materials... everything I used on the page (except the paint) was re-used.

Week 10 - Answer "what makes me, me?" (I'm really not sure about the punctuation for that sentence ...please forgive me!)

Even though I have not been doing very well at posting my pages, I have been enjoying creating them.  Its a fun project and I am sure I will love looking back over it and seeing what I did each week for the entire year!

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