19 June 2015


Hello fiends!  I wanted to tell you about a program I have been participating in.  I have been taking part in a hippotherapy group for veterans!  I got once a week to a therapeutic riding center and work with a horse.  The horse I work with is Madison:

.Madison is 16 hands high -- that is TALL!  I have learned a lot.  I now know how to do tack (put on a saddle and reins).  I rode in an English saddle for the first time ever!  We have done leading, lunging, and an obstacle course.  We have also done star/stop practice and we trotted this past Monday.  We will finish with a trail ride in two more weeks.  That will be my last day there - they close for July/August because its too hot for the horses and the therapists!  Here is a picture of me on Madison:

If you ever get the chance to do hippotherapy I certainly recommend it.  Its very relaxing to work with a horse!

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