13 November 2013

ADEM Nov 8

Its a bit confusing at this point to go back to what I did each for for AEDM... I should keep better track.  But these things happened some time between 7 & 8 Nov....

Inspired by the arrival of my Veteran Art Therapy items I added "Take charge of your future" to my right brain planner:

On the 7th I went to see a new, alternative medicine, doctor.  She said that my body does not like caffeine, gluten, and lactose... so on the 8th I stopped eating those things....
 Its not hard.  Gluten free is actually easier than lactose free in my opinion.  Milk is in the weirdest things.

Later that evening I made another card for the DIY Postcard Swap:

Life really is better with art.  So, go and get creative my friends.


  1. Yes it sure is!!! I am just addressing your post card!! It will be with you soooooon!

    1. Yeah!! Can't wait for it to arrive!!

  2. Love your collages!! Yes, art makes everything better!