21 November 2013

AEDM 15 Nov

On the 15th I was working at my internship again.  We had an idea that we wanted to try but need to make sure it worked before we tried to get our clients to do it.  So, I made a test piece.  Here is is:

We dd mono printing.  The directive was actually to think about their strengths and positive qualities and to make a "mask" of their inner warrior!  My example had nothing to do with that.  I just did different sized lines so they could get an idea of how it worked.

How does it work?  Well you need a piece of Styrofoam like a plate or a egg carton.  You draw onto it with a pen or pencil - bigger lines work better.  Whatever you draw will be white when you print it.  After your finished drawing you paint over it with paint (we used tempera), then pick up a piece of paper and press it onto your drawing and rub your hands to make sure the paper touches all of the print.  Then peel up the paper and you are done.

This is an great project for kids, but it is fun for adults too!!  Hope you enjoyed seeing/hearing about it.

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