03 April 2014

A Few New Postcards

If you have been following me for a while you know that I love mailart postcards and that I will do a swap wherever I have the chance!  Thankfully, iHanna is have a swap soon!  You can join the DIY Postcard Swap by clicking this link!  Since I signed up for this swap I have started making more postcards.  Today I wanted to share what I have done with you.  Here they are:

So this means I have 4 cards ready for the swap and still need to finish 6 more!  I will share them with you once they are done.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!


  1. Oh Rachel, they're all so lovely and positive! I can tell you're going to be a great therapist. :-)

    Thanks for sharing the link on the link up!

  2. Loving the bright, happy colors you are working with! And the maps and phrases! Such fun! Thanks for sharing your postcard art with us!

  3. I signed up for the postcards swap too, and for some reason I was thinking of incorporating maps. Yours are inspiring.

    1. Thank you Caludia! I hope your map postcards come out great!!

  4. Wow! What a great idea to use maps as background. Love your work. Thanks a lot for the inspiration. I will definitely try that some time, but I wouldn't consider copying you for this swap though ;-)
    All the best!

  5. Youre cards look faboulus! I signed up for the postcards swap too!

  6. Oh so pretty .Love the map!
    Hugs xo