18 April 2014

Why I was MIA for the past week...

I've been super busy this past week.  On the 10th I went to the Group Exercise Instructors Banquet.  They gave out paper plate awards; this was mine:

It's pretty applicable.  I did become a group exercise instructor due to my love of Step Aerobics and I do use it as therapy!

On the 11th I went to the SportsAbility banquet with some of the girls from my program.  Here we are with our professor Dave and his wife:

The 12th was the FSU Spring Game.  It was not that interesting though so we left early, made Doritos Taco Salad and watched movies!

The 13th I exercised, worked on cleaning my house and doing some homework, and went to hang out at the pool with Hillary.

The 14th was school.  The 15th was the University Leadership Awards Banquet.  I got an award!

On the 16th I had photo shoot for Vires Magazine - its the magazine of the FSU Alumni Association.  They are doing a story on three of us student veterans.  I think its pretty awesome that I get to be in the story!!

Hopefully I will be back to posting M-F again now...but the end of the semester is upon us, so we shall see!  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!

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  1. Congratulations on your awards, and the Vires piece! You are amazing!!