21 March 2013

Group Project - Hand

One of the projects we did in group art therapy class involved a hand.  First we traced our hand on a piece of paper.  Then we were told to think of a word that we felt described our group.  I chose the word family.  We wrote our word on the paper and then passed it to the right.  We continued writing our word on the paper in front of us until our original paper came back to us.  At that point it had the word that each member of the group had chosen to describe the group.  We were then instructed to decorate the inside of the hand in a way the described ourselves.  Some people chose to do pictures, but I chose to do words because that is how I interpreted the directive.  So, here is my finished piece:

I really enjoyed this project.  I felt like we learned a lot about each other.  It was interested to see how the other people thought of the group - to hear why they chose the words that they did.  It was also interesting to see the differences in how people decorated the inside of their hand.

This would be interesting to try if you know of a group that is already established - especially I think it might be fun to try with kids.

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  1. I really like this - you know how I am about words. It looks like it would be an art journal idea for once a month, or once a quarter, or just once a year. Draw your own hand and fill it with words describing where you're at.
    Thanks for sharing!