19 March 2013


One of the art therapy assessments that we have learned about this semester is the Kinetic House-Tree-Person Drawing.  Of course, like all other assessments we learned about this semester, we had to do the drawings ourselves.  So, Here is mine:

This drawing is supposed to contain a house, tree and a person who is doing something.  My person is leaning against the tree reading a book.

This drawing can be very interesting.  You get to see how the person solves the problem of having to make the person in the picture do something.  Also you see how close they put the person and the tree to the house - how the whole picture looks (i.e. is it several small pictures on one piece of paper, or does it all go together to make one large picture).  

I think the best part of having to do these assessments ourselves is walking around and looking at each other's drawings and then seeing how everyone else did the drawing.  

Well friends, that is all for now!  Thanks for visiting and have a great day!  

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  1. OK, so what does your picture say about you?? Inquiring minds want to know!!