11 March 2013

Mini Spring Break

So, this week is my "spring break."  I don't think it really counts since I have meetings today and tomorrow, and work on Thursday and Friday.  So, I had myself a mini spring break this past weekend.  Saturday I went to tennis, cleaned my house, and went out to see OZ with a friend.  Then Sunday we had a beach day!  We went to St. George Island for the day.  2 whole days of no homework = the biggest break I've had since Christmas.  It was a great little getaway.  So, I wanted to share some photos!

We had lunch here

All the girls got fun drinks
Jaimie got oysters

She let me try one - it was my first oyster ever (I neither loved nor hated it)

Sitting in the sun was awesome

I had a photo mis-hap lol

The beach was gorgeous and not crowded at all!  

I'm certainly looking forward to doing that again once the semester is over!!  Now, back to the grind!!  I've got a lot to accomplish in the next few days before school starts back up again!!

Have a great day and thanks for visiting.

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  1. Glad you got a break. Looks like you used it productively!