02 July 2014

Family ATx Assessment Day 1 (26 and 27 June ICAD)

Hey friend!!  So... on the 26th I did not do much other than work on homework.  Here is my ICAD:

On the 27th, we had a weekend workshop for family art therapy:

We had a visiting professor, Dr. Paige Asawa.  Here are some photos from class.... This first one is a silent drawing about how Hillary an I met and became best friends:

When I was training for my audition to become a group fitness instructor Hillary always met with me and helped me practice teaching step aerobics.  She was so supportive and it was during this time we realized we had a lot in common and we started hanging out more and became best friends!!!

In this next photo we were allowed to talk and it was an abstract depiction of our relationship:

 It is meant to symbolize how we both have personalities where we go along nice and smooth and then we freak out - but the other person always brings us back to normal!

In the next image we created self portraits and then traded them and added some to the picture... I am the one on the left and she is the one on the right:

This was a fun class!  Dr. Asawa gave us a lot of practical knowledge and kept the class entertaining.

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