30 July 2014

ICAD 8 July - 12 July

Wow... how have not shown you the last 20-ish ICADs??  I better get on the ball...let's go!!

8 July - we drove from Tallahassee to Lafayette, LA:

9 July - arrived in San Antonio:
10 July - collage using pieces from the arts and crafts marketplace:

11 July - Conference was like an art therapy party:

12 July - San Antonio was HOT!!:

Come back tomorrow for some more ICAD creations!!


  1. I have enjoyed following along on your conference adventures, and the end of grad school. I wish I could be there to see you graduate!!
    Do I assume correctly that you will be living with your folks till you line up a job?
    How soon is your European adventure? You are bound to get a lot of postcards, and ideas for your own art. Do stay in touch!!!

    1. Yes I will be staying with them until I get a job! We leave for the UK on the 5th of August - so close, less than a week!! I will certainly stay in touch!