10 November 2014

Lucky Star Art Camp Day 1

Last week I went to Lucky Star Art Camp ("grown-up lady camp.")  I heard about Lucky Star when I went to Create Mixed Media back in September.  It sounded AMAZING and I rationalized that I would surely be stressed out by job hunting by the time Lucky Star rolled around and thus I needed to go.  So, I signed up and was super excited.

Wednesday two lovely ladies from the DFW area came over and picked me up for camp.  I did not know them but "met" them via the Lucky Star Facebook page.  They were so nice to offer to let me ride with them and that way I got to meet two people before I even go to camp!

Lucky Star Art Camp takes place at Camp Waldemar in Hunt, Texas.  The camp is beautiful.

Here are some more pictures...  We all decorated streamers to add to a big dream catcher.  The streamers had our dreams on them.

Mine is hard to see but it says "art, yoga, friends, family, adventure:
 I also got to decorate my name tag:

The first evening did not include art classes.  We had dinner, an opening ceremony, a speaker , and a "campfire" singalong with  Mandy Rowden.  Our speaker was Katherine Center who was super nice and told us all about her journey of becoming a writer.  Mandy, was super awesome and is so much fun to be around.

Come back tomorrow to see what I did in my first day of art classes!!

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