11 November 2014

Lucky Star Art Camp Day 2

On the 2nd day of Lucky Star Art Camp I took two classes!  First I took Mixed Media Alchemy with Corrine Gilman.  Here are some photos of the work I did in this class:

I think only the first one is done - I will keep working on the other two!  Corrine's class was very enjoyable - Corrine's style goes very well with my own!  

The second class I took was Elizabeth Quigg's Intuitive Spirit.  We started off making and then discussing this nature alter:

Then we did a healing exercise and a guided meditation.  Then we got to have some open art play time using these materials:

As you can see we were outside on a balcony for this class.  It was nice to be in nature even though it was chilly that day.  During our free play time I just worked in my journal a bit.

Come back tomorrow for some more art pictures and camp tales!

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