13 November 2014

Lucky Star Art Camp Day 4

Saturday at Lucky Star Art Camp is a half day of art and then half a day of free time to partake in camp activities.  I took Juliette Crane's class, Make Believe, and was able to finish this butterfly lady:

I also made this birdie:

And started this dragonfly girl:

I really like the art that I made!!  I will certainly be doing some more paintings like this.

After class I had an astrological reading.  It was very interesting.  All the planets in Libra pointed towards me having a creative career that helps others help themselves... so, Art Therapy!!!  Duh.   Art therapy is my destiny!

Then I sat on the green and enjoyed the sunshine.  I was tired so I didn't make myself do anything.  I enjoyed relaxing.

Saturday evening we had a show and tell.  I performed an Irish Dance that I learned during an optional just for fun/exercise dance class:

And some ladies from the beginning guitar class performed some songs for us:

And then a few people told us about their camp experiences and/or the art that they made.  Then we had a little craft market where we could get things.   I got a Katherine Center book:

If you so desire to get this book you can get it here! 
I also got some earrings, a business card holder, and some of Mandy Rowden's CDs.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope to "see" you tomorrow!

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