13 September 2013

Art Therapy Symbols Class!

One of the class we are taking this semester is all about understanding symbols!  One of our assignments this semester is to write a paper about the symbolic content of our dreams.  In order to do that we need to record our dreams in a dream journal!  Here is the cover to mine:

I love how it turned out.  We are supposed to be doing a combo of visual and written journaling - like an art journal - but I have not yet had any desire to create an image in this journal.  Its quite amusing to re-read what you write at 1am.  For instance, last night I wrote "client treatment plans...circles"  that was it - exactly those words with the ellipse in there too.  I have no recollection of why I thought those two things were important or what the dream was about.

Another thing we are doing is to complete some art in class.  The first piece we did was a guided imagery painting.  This was done with watercolors.

It is an image of the vessel I saw in my guided image.  During the exercise I had thought to myself "this is a really large container for such a small amount of water" (we were told to pick up the container and get some water in it to take back with us and I automatically thought that I only needed a few sips worth of water).  When we discussed it my teacher said it was very interesting because containers often represent women/feminine energy and since I am a leader and I take care of/nourish my cohort then the image makes perfect sense!

This class is very interesting so far.  I think we are all enjoying it.  I will be sharing more symbols class art creations with you later on in the semester!

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  1. Very interesting. Did you read my FB post about last night's dream? Zombie Apocalypse, reversed by a spritz of pool water, not about eating people, just lots of sex!! Go figure. . .