05 September 2013

July Happy Art Swap

Hey friends!  Today I am sharing my cards from July's Happy Art Swap!  First, I got this card made by Lisa:

You can find her on instagram at Soccerlisa1.  My photo makes it somewhat hard to read what the card says so I will tell you... "replace fear of the unknown with curiosity."

My next card was made by Aleca:

Her instagram is AleciaMaria.  This card says "Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end"... she quoted "seneca" and I have no clue who that is.  When I hear this quote I think of the song Closing Time by Semisonic.

My last card was made by Cindy:

Her instagram is artquitgirl  - I really like the stamp she used!!

I LOVE getting art in the mail which is why this swap is so enjoyable.  If you want to play then you do, if you are too busy one month no biggie.  It's awesome.  Check out Sandie's blog for more information.

Tomorrow I will be showing you the cards I got for August's swap!!  Thanks for stopping by, "see" you soon.

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  1. Seneca (the Younger) was a Stoic Roman philosopher. You can google him, for other quotes. (I had to take 2 years of Latin, in high school). I love these cards, they would keep me cheerful!!