03 September 2013

Birthday Bucket List Re-cap

**Below is what is currently depicted on my "Birthday Bucket List" tab ... I have updated it to reflect what I have done.  Soon, since my birthay is this coming Saturday, I will be creating a new list and the tab will change.  Anyways,  just to recap the year..........

Each year before my birthday I come up with a list of things to do before my next birthday.  The number of things I put on the list is the same as my age.  I have been doing it for several years now and I really like it.  Links to posts that are about that particular item on the list.  I you would like you can check out last year's list (on my old  blog) here:30 Things to Do Before I am 31.  Now, onto this years this - Red items are things I did not do:

31 Things to Do Before I am 32
1.Go to a FSU Basketball Game - I did this but I did not post about it
2. Visit the FSU Rez - I have done this twice - both times with my fellow art therapy students!  
3. Read Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga - Finished!! 
4. Finish hanging pictures in the house - All pictures and most of my paintings are now hanging up! It only took me 1 year of living in the apartment to accomplish this!
5. Try Cardio HipHop Class - Cardio Hip Hop was not offered in the spring, but I did try (numerous times!) Cardio Party which i think is almost the same thing!  
6. Volunteer at Camp - Camp Boggy Creek Asthma Weekend & Holiday Party
7. Read 5 just for fun books - This is far beyond complete
8. Take an art workshop - Peace Papers Workshop Part IPeace Papers Workshop Part IIPeace Papers Workshop Part III
9. Finish 2 art journals - I've started so many journals that this is not likely to happen - but I have more than completed 2 journals worth of pages this year so I am satisfied.  
10. Visit a new city - I visited Thomasville, GA but did not post about it
11. Keep going to Dance Step - I have certainly kept this up and to one-up it I became a certified group fitness instructor - I can now teach my own classes!!
12. complete a 5K race - FSU Cares 5K
13.  Try a new recipe - Tried a baked sweet potato topped with ground turkey, red salsa and green salsa.  Sounded iffy but man does it taste good - Its my new favorite thing to eat (other than dessert!)
14. Do a Turkey Trot - I did this, but did not post about it
15.  Stop drinking diet soda - Not sure this will ever happen.  I've realized its a ridiculous cycle to feel guilty abut drinking them but then to need the caffeine when I have migraines.  New goal - stop feeling bad about having one ever few days.
16. Go on a ghost tour
17. Go to water aerobics
18.  Have a Dresses, Drinks & Deserts Event - Dresses, Drinks and Desserts Fall 2012
19.  Have breakfast with the girls
20.  "Run" at St. Marks Trail
21.  Take a tennis class - I took 2 tennis classes in the Fall of 2012 and 2 during Spring 2013
22.  Go to the beach - Oh yea, far beyond complete; have been to St. George twice with the girls, for an entire week with mom, and to Panama City Beach with mom too!  
23.  Go bowling
24.  Do my yoga DVD
25.  Finishing hanging paintings in the house - Done...see #4.
26.  Complete a 10K - my leg did now allow for this one to happen.
27.  Go to the FSU Circus - I did this with some of the other student veterans!!  
28.  Take a swimming class
29.  Have a pizza and movie night - I did this but did not post about it.
30.  Send out handmade Christmas postcards - Part 1Part II
31.  Have an art making night

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  1. Somebody has had a wonderfully full and vibrant year!! Happy Birthday, if I forget on Saturday!!