05 December 2013

AEDM Nov 28th - Thanksgiving Day

I started off my Thanksgiving with a Turkey Trot!  I think that is the best way to start Thanksgiving because you end up with a good amount of calories burned before you go eat tons of food.  It was about 30 degrees here but by the time I got about half way through the race course I had taken off my jacket and my gloves!  Here I am before the race:

Then I came home and did the Power Point presentation for one of my classes - a final case study presentation about a group I have been leading all semester.  Then, I finished a painting (which  I will show you tomorrow).

Next, I decorated my Christmas tree:

And I made a big red bow & hung it up outside:

Then I made a gluten free cake:

The frosting is made from avocados!  It was pretty good.  I really felt like I got a lot accomplished!  I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

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