20 December 2013

Merry Christmas to Me!

I've been quite generous to myself over the past few weeks, although most of it was on sale.  Anyways... I wanted to show you some of my new goodies.

A decorative mixed media bird to hang up...
 I put it on my tree until I figure out where it should go:
I got myself a 17x22 portfolio:

And some bookmaking materials:

Also got a bookmaking book and a new moleskin planner that I am going to use for Documented Life.

A green "Christmas" sweater w/ jewel buttons and a black scarf with sparkles on the end:

An art transport bag - to help me tote around art supplies at my next internship! 

A Smashbook!  

Some Udi's: 
And the jewelry I have on in this photo:
I got the jewelry from Pyramid Studios - its an art program from individuals with intellectual or developmental disorders.  Proceeds are somewhat for the individual who made the item and the rest to the program to keep it going!


  1. Good for you!! This is the season where things we want are actually available it's important to treat ourselves well!! Great scarf and sweater! In our home we don't exchange gifts instead we give to children and charity. But if we see things we want or need we buy it!! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
    Hugs Giggles

  2. Love it all! The jewelry is particularly lovely. So excited to see that you are going to be binding your own journals!! They can go into your Etsy shop!
    And another Smashbook!! What a hoot!
    Merry Christmas, dear friend. So VERY glad you'll be in the Documented Life group!