31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

Can you believe that it is the last day of 2013?  I can't.  This year zoomed by.  I have another travel art journal page to show you today!!  Here it is:

On the 26th - I went for a run and after mom got home for lunch we went after Christmas sale shopping.  We did not get much.  On the 27th - I went to mom's work to have lunch with her and later that night we went to see Saving Mr. Banks.  It is a very good movie and I recommend it if you have not yet seen it.  On the 28th - I took mom with me to go see Picasso and Matisse.  It was pretty modern for her tastes but she was nice enough to go with me since I wanted to see it.  I enjoyed it!

Since today is the last day of the year I wanted to let you to not throw out your old calendar yet!  You can cut them up and get days, months and numbers from them:

Mom cut one of her calendars up to keep the pictures she liked and then cut the days, months and numbers out of the remaining parts for me so that I could use them for journaling!  I have a big stash now!


  1. Smart idea, cutting up the calendar that way. I keep mine, to use the pictures, but I never thought of dates, etc.
    Just out of curiosity, inquiring minds want to know: where are the "reaming" parts of a calendar? Snort.