30 December 2013

Christmas Travel Art Journal Pages part 2

Hello and welcome back!  More art journal goodness for you today! On the 22nd we went to see The Nutcracker:
Bass Hall - we were on the 5th floor!  

Here I am! 

Some of the characters signed autographs & did pictures after the show!
It was good!  We went over to downtown Fort Worth before and had lunch at the Cowtown Deli.  Then we saw the show and got some gourmet chocolates after.  It was a nice afternoon.

On the 23rd we went to the outlet mall to get me some jeans.  I have a hard to fit body but Luck Brand Jeans fit me pretty good.  So, mom bought me two pairs for Christmas.  We made burgers for dinner and I had trouble eating mine because it was so huge:

 On the 24th I did a fun 5K called the Reindeer Dash, so I had to wear antlers"
 Here is the cute t-shirt:
 They had real reindeer at the race:
 Here I am waiting for the race to start... mom got me that pink jacket for Christmas too!
 And the art journal page that shows it all:
 The race ended up being my last entry in the fitness journal spread I was working on... so, here it is:

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  Come back soon for some more!!  Have a great day.  


  1. How fantastic your days were! I love the reindeer antlers and the idea of running a 5K at this time of year. My friend LOVES lucky brand jeans. I've never tried them - and yes oh yes, your spreads reflect all the gloriousness of your experiences. brava!

  2. I just LOVE your antlers!!