19 February 2014

FATA Cruise Art Journal Swap 1

On the Florida Art Therapy Association's (FATA) Conference Cruise I presented about art journaling swaps that I do with my cohort.  As part of my presentation I decided to do a mini-swap while we were on the boat.  So, I brought 3 journals:

And I asked people to make art in them and then pass them along to someone else that was on the boat for the conference.  I collected them on the last day.  The conference had art therapists, dance/movement therapists, social workers, artists, and several other professions in attendance and everyone was welcome to participate.  Thankfully I had my classmates to help convince people to participate!

Today I wanted to share some of the photos from journal number 1 with you.  All photos are posted with the signed consent of the artist that created the art.

Please come back tomorrow when I will be showing the art from Journal number 2!

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