25 February 2014

Right Brain Planner Pages

I have been sick for the past two weeks.  It's ridiculous and it makes being productive impossible.  On Valentines day some of the other art therapy girls and I went out for dinner and cupcakes and I started feeling bad.  When I got home I took my temperature and it was 101!  I was able to break the fever but was still sick all weekend.  I still was feeling terrible on Tuesday so I made a doctors appointment for Wednesday.  The doc gave me antibiotics in case it was bacterial but said if it was viral I would have to just let it run its course.  I was feeling ok on Thursday but still exhausted so I rested a lot.  Friday I felt like I was getting pink eye and it was confirmed on Saturday. So, again I went to to the doctor and got eye drops and skipped the art therapy workshop that I had been working so hard to get ready since November.  

So... I have done absolutely no homework even though that is stressful for me, but I am just too exhausted lately.  I did however manage to do some art here and there, so I wanted to show you some of the photos:

These two pages took a lot of effort because of being sick. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon!!  I'm ready to be functional again!!  Come back tomorrow for some more art!!  

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  1. Love your self-care page!! Hope you'll be back to yourself soon!!