04 February 2014

"Snow Day"

Today I wanted to share with you some pages from my right brain planner yearly planner:

 Last week we had a "snow day" during which it did not snow, but we got the day off from school and internship (since my internship that day was at a school).  I was busy that day though...

I did my first art therapy job application!!  It would be really awesome if I got that job because it is in Orlando so I would be really close to my best friend who is from FL and is going to live in that area.
I found out last week that I made it to the next round of selection for the Fulbright Grant.  Not sure if I told you all about it.  If I get selected for the grant I will be going to the U.K. to study and do research in London for about a year.  It would be an amazing opportunity.  But, I won't know the results for quite a while.  So, just think positive for me!!

And my gluten free cupcakes were a success!!

If you are gluten free this product is tasty!!  Since I am single, I am still eating on those cupcakes a week later ...and I will be still eating on them for quite a while I think.  I froze some of them.  Anyways, thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day.

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