28 February 2014

Swap Doodles

Today I am sharing some dooles... doodles are good for you so feel free to doodle away!!!
This first picture is from Olivia's Journal.. I made this mandala doodle in her journal when I had it for our swap:

These next doodles are ones I made in Jacky's journal....

This was my first zentangle in so long... It was kinda hard to remember the patterns.  I feel like I should do more tangles!!  Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful weekend!! "See" you next week.


  1. Love those things from the journal fodder junkies - they fascinate me. And, as always, lovely tangle.

  2. I haven't done zendoodles in a long, long time, too. They look awesome. I've declared today an "interruption free day!" well, at least until the kids get home from school.

    I'll remember your proclamation, "Doodles are good for you... doodle away!"