28 February 2014

Swap Doodles

Today I am sharing some dooles... doodles are good for you so feel free to doodle away!!!
This first picture is from Olivia's Journal.. I made this mandala doodle in her journal when I had it for our swap:

These next doodles are ones I made in Jacky's journal....

This was my first zentangle in so long... It was kinda hard to remember the patterns.  I feel like I should do more tangles!!  Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful weekend!! "See" you next week.

27 February 2014

Documented Life Catchup (week

Today is a Documented Life Project catch up post!!

Week 5's challenge was to have a doodle boarder:

Week 6's challenges was to find a picture on Pinterest to inspire a page in the journal... so here is my inspiration page:
by Michelle Rydell 
My page looks like this:

 It is a message to myself because I have been VERY stressed out lately.

The next challenge, week 7 was to pick a shape and repeat it... so, I chose hearts because it was close to Valentines Day and my page was pink:
I left it very simple but I like how it turned out.  I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the pages.  If you are participating then I would love to see your pages to!!

26 February 2014

Atlas Journal Page

Last semester I used an atlas as the art journal I had for my class swap.  I took some pages out but there was still a lot of pages.  So, I decided to start working it in when I have large images.  Here is the first spread I did in that journal:

Its pretty simple, but I like how it turned out.  Hopefully I can find some time to keep working in this journal.  Thanks for stopping by today!

25 February 2014

Right Brain Planner Pages

I have been sick for the past two weeks.  It's ridiculous and it makes being productive impossible.  On Valentines day some of the other art therapy girls and I went out for dinner and cupcakes and I started feeling bad.  When I got home I took my temperature and it was 101!  I was able to break the fever but was still sick all weekend.  I still was feeling terrible on Tuesday so I made a doctors appointment for Wednesday.  The doc gave me antibiotics in case it was bacterial but said if it was viral I would have to just let it run its course.  I was feeling ok on Thursday but still exhausted so I rested a lot.  Friday I felt like I was getting pink eye and it was confirmed on Saturday. So, again I went to to the doctor and got eye drops and skipped the art therapy workshop that I had been working so hard to get ready since November.  

So... I have done absolutely no homework even though that is stressful for me, but I am just too exhausted lately.  I did however manage to do some art here and there, so I wanted to show you some of the photos:

These two pages took a lot of effort because of being sick. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon!!  I'm ready to be functional again!!  Come back tomorrow for some more art!!  

24 February 2014

FATA Cruise Conference Travel Art Journal Pages

Today is the last post of the FATA Cruise Conference.  I took my travel art journal, of course, and did some entries.  So, today I am going to share the photos of the pages I made:

This next photo is just something I doodled while at the conference:

"Art Therapy Yo!" was our catch phrase for the cruise.  We were amused by it!  I hope you enjoyed all the cruise photos.  Tomorrow, I'll be back to regular things - so come back soon!!

21 February 2014

FATA Cruise AJ Swap 3

Today's post is all about the art that was in journal number 3 of the Florida Art Therapy Association (FATA) Conference Cruise Mini Art Journal Swap!  So, lets get to it:

I am so glad that I did this "experiment" and that the mini-swap worked out.  It was great to see what kind of art people came up with!!  I loved looking through all of the books and seeing the different styles and even the different materials that people found!  Another thing I enjoyed was that I was able to get both of my professors and a few other well-known art therapists to participate which means that I got to see their journaling style!  Best of all was the feedback - a lot of people that participated wanted to see the journals at the end of the cruise to see what other people made.  Several people told me that they were going to "steal" the idea; I told them "go ahead!!"  Now, I'm considering doing something like this at the American Art Therapy Association's National Conference in July!

20 February 2014

FATA Cruise AJ Swap 2

Hello and welcome back!  Today is all about journal number 2 from the mini art journal swap I did during the Florida Art Therapy Association (FATA) Conference Cruise!  So, let the photos commence:

All photos posted with consent of the artist.

I really liked the variety of art that was in this journal!  It looks as if several of these took considerable time/effort and I am really thankful that people were willing to give up their "vacation" to participate in this swap!

The photos from the last book - Journal 3, the one that had the most art! - will be posted tomorrow, so please come back and check them out!

19 February 2014

FATA Cruise Art Journal Swap 1

On the Florida Art Therapy Association's (FATA) Conference Cruise I presented about art journaling swaps that I do with my cohort.  As part of my presentation I decided to do a mini-swap while we were on the boat.  So, I brought 3 journals:

And I asked people to make art in them and then pass them along to someone else that was on the boat for the conference.  I collected them on the last day.  The conference had art therapists, dance/movement therapists, social workers, artists, and several other professions in attendance and everyone was welcome to participate.  Thankfully I had my classmates to help convince people to participate!

Today I wanted to share some of the photos from journal number 1 with you.  All photos are posted with the signed consent of the artist that created the art.

Please come back tomorrow when I will be showing the art from Journal number 2!

18 February 2014

FATA Cruise Part 3

Hello again!  Welcome to the 3rd post about the Florida Art Therapy Association Conference Cruise! On Sunday we were at Nassau Bahamas!!  Here is a picture from the deck of our ship:
Nassau, Bahamas
 Once we got off the boat we walked around the island - a lot:
A tree that is part of a building!  

 We found a beach but the weather had turned bad - it was cloudy and started raining so we did not stay long...
 Then we did some more walking around....
street art
street art 
We had lunch at a local cafe:
Caribbean Curry Chicken - YUMMY 
 Then we went hunting for souvenirs:
The artist we got paintings from 
The painting I got

more street art
 And although they initially resisted, we convinced our professors to take a photo with us!
Marcia, Meredith, Hillary, Chelsea, Annie, Me, and Dave 
Shells from the beach
 After dinner, before the conference the girls and I went to get drinks so that we could use our on board credit!
Drinks from our cocktail hour ... Mine is the pinacolada.  
 I did not take a photos of the next day - our trip back home.  I do however have more cruise related photos, so come back tomorrow and I will show them to you!!