28 April 2015

ACA Conference

In March I got to go to the American Counseling Association Conference in Orlando, FL.  My Journey started at DFW where I found this art in the terminal:
I was absolutely LOVING the weather in Orlando because it was so nice - much warmer than Texas, but not yet hot.

At the ACA Expo the Association for Creativity in Counseling hand an art activity for us to do.  We used alcohol inks on the back of dominoes to make cool, one of a kind, magnets:
Here is the table when I made my domino:
Here is what I purchased at the Expo... a chart to explain feelings.  This will be (and already has been) useful for working with my clients, and it looks like an artists pallet so that is a plus!  The cards at the bottom are a deck with therapy exercises/directives.  I also got it for help working with clients.
A sink mirror selfie... I was very glad that I had this belt bag because carrying around a back on my shoulder all day was making my arm hurt!
One of the best things about the conference was finding out about the Military and Government Counseling Association and meeting other people who work with military and veterans!
After the conference was over, before I went home, my awesome best friend came to get me and took me to Downtown Disney.

We had lunch at Bongos - a Cuban restaurant - and it was delicious! 
Here I am with my awesome best friend:

It was great seeing her again after 6 months!!  I really enjoyed this conference, but it certainly did keep me busy 7am until about 10 or 11pm each night!!  I learned a lot and I even signed up for next year which is going to be in Montreal!  It will be my first trip to Canada and I am really hoping that I can take a few days before/after so that I can explore the city!

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