17 April 2015


As some of you know I got licensed to teach Zumba back on October 2014.  This week I started teaching my own classes.  I will be teaching at 6pm on Mondays and Thursdays at my local YMCA.

I am so happy that I am back to teaching group fitness - I really love it.  Since October I went to Zumba Basic 2 - which is the second level course for Zumba instructors and it teaches you additional rhythms and their core steps to use in your classes.  Here are a few pictures from my class:

Most recently I got licensed to teach Aqua Zumba!  I LOVE water aerobics and I LOVE Zumba so I thought I could mix the two together with Aqua Zumba! Here are some photos from my Aqua Zumba class:

I have even done a few e-learning courses.  I have completed the course on Brazil and the one on India.  Each course teaches you about 4 types of music from that country and the core moves that go with the music.  I love learning about how similar and how different dance is in different parts of the world.
After teaching Zumba one evening.

The last thing I wanted to mention about Zumba is that I have decided to go to the Zumba Instructor Convention in August!

I will get 4 days of wonderful Zumba classes where I can learn new songs and new moves and how to be a better instructor.  I will also get to me other instructors from all over the world and share the Zumba love with them.  I am quite excited about convention!

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