18 April 2015

Screen-printing Class

One of the things that has been keeping me busy is that I have been taking art classes here and there around Texas.  One of the first classes I took was Screen Printing in Austin at Jerry's Artarama.  Here are some photos from the class....

My screen (the one on the left) getting ready to be exposed on the light board:
 My screen (it has two designs).. before I printed with it for the first time... the pink stuff is ink, you know I had to get hot pink ink!!
 I made a lot of prints...they were all over the place:
 And some t-shirts... one design you can see in the picture above, hanging on the back of the chair.  The other is here below:
 Printing on shirts is harder than you might think!  I also made some prints in my art journal to document the process:
 And here is all of the supplies that I left the store with .... I only need to get one more thing and I can print from home, including making new screens!!  I really want to try it but I have not yet had a chance to get that last piece which is the base board that you attach the screen to (temporarily) for printing.
 Once I do some printing at home I will share the results with you guys!! Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great weekend!

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