26 March 2013

Sand Mandala

A few weeks ago we went to the local museum to see some visiting monks do a sand mandala!  It was awesome and I wanted to share some of the picture that I took with you!!

The table with tools and sand:

Monks working on the mandala:

 I bought peace flags and hung them on my mantle:

This was a really neat event.  It was quite relaxing and great to have this experience right in the middle of all my school stress.  It made me crave that meditation/relaxation.  It made me want to do yoga again.    If you ever have the chance to attend something like this, I highly recommend making time to do it!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a great day!

25 March 2013

A few more Art Journal Pages!

So, Friday I showed you some art journal pages... today I want to show you some more!!

The background of this spread was done with Tombow watercolor markers... and the "capture it" w/ the graffiti background was something I made this page summer - I finally used it:

This background was done by using craft tissue paper and water, and then on top I used the Tombow markers:

And lastly, a page I did in a friend's art journal"

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing the random art journaling that I did!  I'd love to see some that you did, leave me a link!!

22 March 2013

Art Journal Pages

Life has been crazy lately!  So much going on with school - this semester has been super busy.   Even though I have not shown you much in the way of art journaling, I have been doing some.  So, today I wanted to show you some pages!!  So, here they are....

An unfinished page, but it was time to swap the journal to the next person...
 The cover I decorated on someone else's journal...
 Just a page I made....
And a crazy mandala that I drew...

Have you guys been doing some art journaling?  I'd love to see it... leave me a link!!  Thanks for stopping by.. "see" you soon!

21 March 2013

Group Project - Hand

One of the projects we did in group art therapy class involved a hand.  First we traced our hand on a piece of paper.  Then we were told to think of a word that we felt described our group.  I chose the word family.  We wrote our word on the paper and then passed it to the right.  We continued writing our word on the paper in front of us until our original paper came back to us.  At that point it had the word that each member of the group had chosen to describe the group.  We were then instructed to decorate the inside of the hand in a way the described ourselves.  Some people chose to do pictures, but I chose to do words because that is how I interpreted the directive.  So, here is my finished piece:

I really enjoyed this project.  I felt like we learned a lot about each other.  It was interested to see how the other people thought of the group - to hear why they chose the words that they did.  It was also interesting to see the differences in how people decorated the inside of their hand.

This would be interesting to try if you know of a group that is already established - especially I think it might be fun to try with kids.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

19 March 2013


One of the art therapy assessments that we have learned about this semester is the Kinetic House-Tree-Person Drawing.  Of course, like all other assessments we learned about this semester, we had to do the drawings ourselves.  So, Here is mine:

This drawing is supposed to contain a house, tree and a person who is doing something.  My person is leaning against the tree reading a book.

This drawing can be very interesting.  You get to see how the person solves the problem of having to make the person in the picture do something.  Also you see how close they put the person and the tree to the house - how the whole picture looks (i.e. is it several small pictures on one piece of paper, or does it all go together to make one large picture).  

I think the best part of having to do these assessments ourselves is walking around and looking at each other's drawings and then seeing how everyone else did the drawing.  

Well friends, that is all for now!  Thanks for visiting and have a great day!  

18 March 2013


About a month ago we, the FSU Art Therapy Association, did a mural near our campus.  Its an annual occurrence that matches up with the city's Seven Days of Opening Nights event.  Some of the other student veterans came out to help us paint - they are in the photos below.  Our theme was Tallahassee though the years.  So, I wanted to share some photos with you:

And the final, finished mural:

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures!!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!

11 March 2013

Mini Spring Break

So, this week is my "spring break."  I don't think it really counts since I have meetings today and tomorrow, and work on Thursday and Friday.  So, I had myself a mini spring break this past weekend.  Saturday I went to tennis, cleaned my house, and went out to see OZ with a friend.  Then Sunday we had a beach day!  We went to St. George Island for the day.  2 whole days of no homework = the biggest break I've had since Christmas.  It was a great little getaway.  So, I wanted to share some photos!

We had lunch here

All the girls got fun drinks
Jaimie got oysters

She let me try one - it was my first oyster ever (I neither loved nor hated it)

Sitting in the sun was awesome

I had a photo mis-hap lol

The beach was gorgeous and not crowded at all!  

I'm certainly looking forward to doing that again once the semester is over!!  Now, back to the grind!!  I've got a lot to accomplish in the next few days before school starts back up again!!

Have a great day and thanks for visiting.

06 March 2013


Hi!  Happy WOYWW!  Here is my work desk today:

It is filled with stuff that I am covering in gesso.  Working on lots of projects a bit at a time.  School has been keeping me rather busy.  I'm hoping that I can get at least one day off during my "spring break."  Right now it doesn't look that way.

If you want to see some more desks, then hop on over to Stamping Ground and click on some links.  Thanks for visiting today.  Have a lovely week!

05 March 2013

Last few postcards

Hi guys!  Wanted to share the last 3 postcards with you.  So, here they are:

Well friends that is all for now (because I am in class!!)  Hope to "see" you tomorrow!!

04 March 2013

Creativity Spurt

Last week I had a creativity spurt and created 7 mailart postcards in one sitting.  I was getting a bit anxious about the Liberate Your Art swap because I need to mail those cards out soon.  So, I started working and an hour later I had made 7 cards!  So, I wanted to share a few with you.  I will share 3 today:

 Come back tomorrow to see the next three!  The last one will remain a secret until the recipient gets it!!

Have a great day.  "See" you tomorrow.