30 March 2014

End (almost) of the Semester Madness!

Hello friends!  Apologies for the lack of posting lately.  I have been working REALLY hard to get some of my major assignments for this semester to a place where I won't have to stress over them.  I wrote a 20 page paper, I complied 2 binders full of information about a job so that I can do an mock interview (major portion of my grade), and I started working on presentations that I have to start giving on the 7th of April.  Its been non-stop homework.  So, please forgive my absence.  I hope to be able to post more soon!

25 March 2014

Page in Mary's Journal

Today I wanted to share with you a page I created in my classmate Mary's Journal:

Its pretty simple, but I have been super busy and simple is about all I can muster recently.  I am still creating - just taking less time to do so.  Hopefully after finals (May 1st) I will have a bit more time to devote to art.  I really miss it when I don't have much time for it.

24 March 2014

March Right Brain Planner Pages

Today I wanted to share some of my March Right Brain Planner pages with you:

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful week! 

21 March 2014

Disney - Travel Art Journal Pages

I already showed you guys one of the pages I made during my trip to Disney, but today I wanted to show you the other 3.  They are the last 3 pages of my Travel Art Journal!

 Now its time for me to move into a new travel journal and I have another one that is very similar to the first one!  I'm excited about the travels that will make their way into that book!

20 March 2014

Disney - Hollywood Studios!

The last stop on my Disney tour was Hollywood Studios!  We got there at about 2:30pm and stayed until about 6:30pm.  We did not really do too much but we enjoyed our time!  Here are some photos:
Hillary with her "Hill" sign!


Us with Sorcerer Mickey
 This next photo is not from Disney - but it is of me wearing the shirt I got at Disney:

That is all for today!  Thanks for stopping by.  Come back tomorrow to see the last three pages of my travel art journal!

19 March 2014

Disney - Animal Kingdom!

My second day at Disney started out at Animal Kingdom!  Not sure if its odd, but I really enjoy Zoos - and so does my best friend so we really wanted to check out Animal Kingdom! are some of the photos:

this is a lady dressed up as a foliage!

going on a Safari

Hippo Skull

Shes not as big as a gorilla
We rode the new ride Expedition Everest which is a roller coaster that goes though "mountains" and you are trying to escape from a yeti.  It was a fun ride.  We really enjoyed the park and stayed for about 5 hours.

Tomorrow will be the final recap - Hollywood Studios.  Please come back and see me then!

18 March 2014

Disney - Epcot!

We spent 9am-2pm at Magic Kingdom and then we took the monorail over to Epcot!  So, today I am going to show you some (I took SO MANY) of my photos from Epcot!  Enjoy!

Mickey Ice Cream!!

After we walked all the way around Epcot through the different countries we had dinner in Mexico at the restaurant.  Then we went back to the hotel to crash! We walked a total of 10 miles!! Tomorrow is the Animal Kingdom re-cap, so come back soon!

17 March 2014

Disney- Magic Kingdom

My first day at Disney started at Magic Kingdom!  It was so much fun.  Here are some photos:
Waiting outside the main gate to get tickets!

Hanging out with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too! 

a beautiful mosaic in Cinderella's castle

on the teacups! 

Its a Small World

Hillary and I in front of Cinderella's castle

Parade photo
I decided to just show you Magic Kingdom today because I have TONS of photos from the rest of the day at Epcot!  So, come back tomorrow and I will show you my Epcot photos!  Thanks for stopping by - have a great day!

14 March 2014

Spring Break!!

This week is Spring Break!  I started my spring break last Friday when my best friend, Hillary, and I drove out to Orlando.  After a few hours at my internship site we hit the road.  We went to Shades of Green Resort - an Armed Forces Resort - and used my Transition Assistance ID Card to get a veteran discount on tickets... it was an amazing deal... $169 for 4 days of park hopper passes (that's like half price!)  Then, after checking into our hotel we went to Downtown Disney and had dinner at The Rainforest Cafe.

We shared Nachos for dinner - YUMMY.

And I ordered a gluten free cheesecake which was wonderful

I asked for, and then wore this frog hat during out entire dinner

fun in the Downtown Disney stores

This is the travel art journal page I created! 

I hope you guys enjoyed the re-cap.  It gets much better - come back on Monday and I will have Disney Day 1 photos for you!

13 March 2014

Another Documented Life Catch-up Post

Well it seems I am not very good at staying on top of posting the Documented Life pages... so, here we go with another catch-up post.

Week 8 - Add a flap to your flap... I normally don't even do one flap but I did two for this challenge so I ended up with lots of pages:

Week 9 - Use recycled materials... everything I used on the page (except the paint) was re-used.

Week 10 - Answer "what makes me, me?" (I'm really not sure about the punctuation for that sentence ...please forgive me!)

Even though I have not been doing very well at posting my pages, I have been enjoying creating them.  Its a fun project and I am sure I will love looking back over it and seeing what I did each week for the entire year!