31 July 2014

ICAD 13-17 July

More ICAD today!!

13 July:

14 July:

15 July:

16 July:

17 July:

Guess what... still more ICAD to go!!  Tomorrow come back for some more!

30 July 2014

ICAD 8 July - 12 July

Wow... how have not shown you the last 20-ish ICADs??  I better get on the ball...let's go!!

8 July - we drove from Tallahassee to Lafayette, LA:

9 July - arrived in San Antonio:
10 July - collage using pieces from the arts and crafts marketplace:

11 July - Conference was like an art therapy party:

12 July - San Antonio was HOT!!:

Come back tomorrow for some more ICAD creations!!

29 July 2014

AATA Conference Days 8 & 9

It was finally time for us to head back to Tallahassee.  We stopped in Jackson, MS and went to the art museum:

and had some lunch:

and then drove some more...and more! The next day all we did was drive.  Here is my journal page for the last two days of the trip:

It was a great trip.  I was very sad to have to come back to start pakcing up my apartment.  I move out August 1st!

28 July 2014

AATA Conference Day 6 & 7

On these two days Hillary and I went to Arlington to see my parents!!
 We walked to Twisted Root to eat dinner...
 The next day when my parents were working Hillary and I went to Fort Worth:

We had a great time exploring the stockyards and downtown.  This was Hillary's first time in Fort Worth and she loved it.  She event said "I could live here!"

25 July 2014

AATA Conference Day 5

On Saturday we took a nice long stroll along the river walk...we saw a lot of awesome mosaic art:

And a few other cool things:
Veterans Memorial

Fish Under the Overpass
And we ended up at the Pearl Brewery Farmer's Market:

We had Gluten Free Crepes for breakfast and walked around and checked out all the stalls:

We went to more conference sessions and then went to Market Square:

And here is my journal page:

This was the last day of the conference, but not the last day of my trip, so there is more to show you!!

24 July 2014

AATA Conference Day 4

On the 4th day of our trip we did some conference sessions and ate lunch on the river walk:

After the sessions ended for the day I went on a trip to The McNay art museum!  I saw some awesome pieces of art:

Monet's Water Lilies 


Courtyard at the Museum

After the McNay I went to the VFW to see a military art therapy exhibit:

And then over to another gallery for the FSU and NDNU Alumni Reception.  Here is a picture of all of the FSU Art Therapists!

It was a nice day but VERY long!  Here is my journal page:

"See" you soon for more!