30 June 2014

Documented Life Week 24

Hello friends!!  Today I am sharing Week 24 from my Documented Life Planner.

The week's page:
I got to spend time teaching adolescents how to art journal and I spent two days doing art therapy during one of our weekend workshops.  

Here is the weekly challenge page - the challenge was to use text on the page:
It's hard to tell since I used dark paint and collaged over a lot of it, but I used dictionary pages to make the background so there is a lot of text there!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have a wonderful day!

27 June 2014

Documented Life Week 23

Hello there!!  Today I want to show you my Documented Life planner!!

Week 23's weekly page:

This photo shows the weekly page and the "notes" page where I art journal.  The challenge for this week was gratitude:

I added an extra flap with the flyer from the Operation Thank You event since I am very thankful for the veterans than came before me:

What are you thankful for?

26 June 2014

Garage Sale Weekend ( ICAD June 21-22)

This past weekend several of my classmates and I had a garage sale!  We took all of our stuff over to one girl's house and started bright and early on Saturday morning.  Today I just wanted to share some of the photos from the weekend with you!!

A glow in the dark baby Jesus that is now mine!!:
For lunch we went to Chicken Salad Chick - a place that sells multiple types of chicken salad... it was good and very quick:
 (I didn't eat that cookie, but I certainly did eat all that chicken salad and those chips lol)

Here I am modeling about 50 different strands of Mardi Gras beads:

 My ICADS from this weekend:

The best part about the garage sale was getting to spend so much time with my classmates/friends... I really cherish these times because I know soon we will all be split up and seeing each other will be hard if not impossible.

25 June 2014

ICAD 19-20

Hello friends!!  Two more ICAD creations for you today!!

First, 19 June:

As you can see from this ICAD there is a bit of writing (see that "se"?) under the paint.  I have started to use the index cards that I used for my thesis thematic analysis - they had phrases on them and I sorted them into like piles in order to determine themes from my thesis interviews... I had tons of them so I decided I should use them for ICAD because I am all about repurposing.

On the 20th I spent the entire day doing a mask making workshop with FSU's Student Veterans!  If you want to read about it you can check out this post.

That is all for day!!  Hope to "see you" tomorrow.

24 June 2014

ICAD June 16-18

Hello friends!  Happy Tuesday!!  Today I am sharing some of my ICAD creations with you!

On June 16th, I made this:

On the 17th I defended my Thesis.  You already saw this ICAD:

But, here is a photo of me dressed up to defend my thesis:

On the 18th, I created this card:

It was great to get to spend the day hanging out at the pool with Hillary!

I absolutely LOVE those ICADs that I actually put any time into... but sometimes I am just too exhausted or my mind doesn't want to work so I make them VERY simple and sometimes I don't like that.  Liking/disliking is part of the art experience though, and I accept that I won't like everything.  Even if I don't like it, taking the time to make it is beneficial for me and I can learn something about myself in the process.

Thanks for stopping by today!  "See" you tomorrow!!

23 June 2014

Student Veteran Mask Making

Hello friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Last Friday I did a mask making workshop with the student veterans at FSU.  It was a lot of fun and I have many pictures to share with you today!!

Several of the students outlined their masks on their face with lipstick (their own idea):

The next step is to cover the entire face in vaseline so that the plaster does not pull out any of the hairs on the face:

Then the partner builds the mask on the face:

After this the person with the mask waits until the mask is dry enough to remove.  After we removed them we used a heat gun to dry the masks faster and then the veterans decorated the masks however they wished:

It was a great day and I really love getting to spend time sharing my love of art and art therapy with these wonderful student veterans.

20 June 2014

ICAD June 13-15

Today I am sharing more ICAD with you! I LOVE ICAD - such a simple thing to decorate one index card, but its something that can be so creative if you allow yourself freedom to play.  Anyways, here are my cards...

13 June:

14 June:
 On June 14th I made a few out of old neon file folders:

And another made out of watercolor paper - its going to be my travel journal for my upcoming post graduation vacation:

I already painted all the pages and added a pocket to the back!  I'm super excited about this vacation!

15 June:

This weekend a few of my classmates and I are having a garage sale so I was trying to get ready for it - I had to re-arrange some furniture to get rid of some pieces!

19 June 2014

June 13 & 14 Art Therapy Class

June 13 & 14 was our first weekend art therapy class of the summer.  We learned about family art therapy and multicultural competence.  I took some awesome notes:

Actually she gave us tons of handouts so I really didnt need to take notes I just got bored and had to doodle.

We made name tags to tell something about our family and background:

We also did several directives.  We drew our family as shapes:

We did a sociogram:

And We drew our family as a garden:

It was interesting to hear about other's families and also to learn more about how my own family impacts me.

18 June 2014


Hello friends!  I am going to share some of my ICAD creations with you today!!  First, June 10th:
 That little circular see-through piece on the top right is from a rice package!  I thought it would look cool on my card.

June 11th:

On June 12th I went to teach some 12-18 year olds how to art journal:

It was kind of wild but I had a lot of fun!

Well, friends, that is all for now.  Hope you have a lovely day!!  "see" you tomorrow.

17 June 2014

I did it!!!!

Today I passed my thesis defense!!!

I am so glad that its "over."  I say that because I have to do all the paperwork to get it approved/published via the school, but for the most part the hard work is over.  Now its just running around and getting signatures.  I am really glad I did a thesis because I learned a lot in the process.  Now, hopefully things will be less hectic!

13 June 2014

ICAD June 7-9

Hello friends!!  More ICAD for you today!!!

On June 7th we went to PCB to celebrate Hillary's birthday (even though it was a month ago!)
 Here is a picture of us at the beach:

On the 8th we went to see The Fault In Our Stars:

I read the book in 2012; it was awesome.  The movie was awesome too.  If you go bring lots of tissues and be prepared to cry.

On June 9th I had school but that is boring... so here is my card:

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!  "See" you tomorrow!

12 June 2014

Happy Art Swap Cards

Today I wanted to share three pictures of my happy art swap cards from this month:

All of the backgrounds came from our community painting that we did during May first Friday.  We had several paper towels to wipe brushes on... I kept them and glued them to postcard backs.  Then I collaged/drew on top of them.  

11 June 2014

ICAD June 4-6

Hello again!!  More ICAD for you today!!

On June 4th I did art therapy at the community college.  I did paper marbling with the veterans - I used my example piece as the background for the card:
 June 5th - the first time I wasn't lazy in my ICAD making... I've been pretty lazy sense lol...
 On the 6th I did Operation Thank You which was an event to thank WWII Veterans.  It was pretty awesome because I got to hear the story of a veteran and meet several others and talk to them about what they did during the war.

At Operation Thank You We made this:

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great day.

10 June 2014

ICAD 2014

Index Card A day (ICAD) started on June 1st!  Are you participating?  I am!!  Today, I wanted to share my first three cards with you!!  So, here they are:

I have been going kind of simple on the cards - mostly due to time constraints.  I am REALLy hoping next month will be less busy!!