11 August 2014

Graduation Present to Myself

Hello friends!!  I have given myself a graduation present in the form of an extended vacation!  I will be traipsing about the United Kingdom from August 6-26!!  Due to this, I will not be posting here until I return to the U.S.  I will have lots of lovely photos and I am sure some good stories too once I return.  I hope you have a lovely couple of weeks and I will "see" you soon!  

08 August 2014


Graduation day has finally come and gone.  It still doesn't feel quite real yet and I already miss my best friend terribly.  Today I wanted to share some of my graduation photos with you:

With my professors Dr. Dave Gussak and Dr. Marcia Rosal

Casting spells in the football stadium

Graduation Yoga

at the Student Veteran Cord and Coin Ceremony 

And here are some Masters Art Therapy Class of 2014 class photos:

It's over... I can't believe it.  I will truly miss all of the wonderful ladies that I had the pleasure of going to school with.

07 August 2014

ICAD 28 - 31 July

Today is the last day of ICAD photos!  It really seems like summer zoomed by!  Anyways, here are the last of them....

28 July:

29 July:

30 July:

31 July:

As I was writing this post I realized that I did an extra card:

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!!

06 August 2014

ICAD 23- 27 July

Hello friends!  How are things going?  I've got more ICAD creations for you today!!

23 July:

24 July:

25 July:

26 July:

27 July:

Still a few more ICAD left to show you!  I really enjoyed this little project.  Did you play along too?

05 August 2014

Documented Life Project Week 28 & 29

Week 28's challenge was to include a small photo of some sort.  Here is the page I created:

It's all about my best fiend who I will be moving away from when I graduate.  I will certainly miss her a lot!!

Week 29's challenge was to make a wish list.  I made this:

All of these are things I aim for!

04 August 2014


Today I am taking a break from ICAD catch-up to show you pictures from Disney!!  I went to Disney a few weekends ago with my friend Amber and her kids!  Amber was my first roommate in the Army!  Anyways, we had a blast at Disney - we did almost everything at Magic Kingdom and stayed there from 10am until midnight!  We walked 12.5 miles!!!  Here are the photos:

Finally had a Dole Whip!  YUMMY!!!

It was wonderful!  Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

02 August 2014

Graduation Day!

Hello friends!  Today I am Graduating - Rachel Mims, MS Art Therapy!  Of course I will eventually post some photos but it may be several weeks before I get that chance!  I am so excited that this day has finally arrived!  Go Seminoles!

01 August 2014

ICAD 18- 22 July

Even more ICAD today!! Woo.  Lets go!

18 July:

19 July:

20 July:

21 July:

22 July:

I am shocked that I let myself get so far behind with the ICAD posts... I hope you are enjoying all the photos for the catch-up!