31 July 2013

ICAD 19-22July

I feel way behind on sharing my ICADs with you!!  So, that is what I am going to do today!  Lets get to it!

19 July:

20 July:
Another picture from our day trip to Thomasville, GA:
We had pizza for lunch at a local restaurant... look how bit the slices were!  It was quite tasty!  

21 July:

22 July:
On the 22nd I had to drive down to Gainesville for a VA Disability lasted all of 5 minutes and then my friend Hillary (seen above in the Pizza photo!) and I drove around and explored Gainesville and then Alachua which is on the way back to Tallahassee.  It POURED rain on us for quite a while but we had fun anyways.

That is all for today... thanks for stopping by - have a lovely Wednesday!

30 July 2013

Print Making!

Last week we did print making in Therapeutic Use of Art Materials class!  Today I wanted to share some pictures from class!! So, here they are:

working on getting my block ready

Here it is all carved up and ready to go! 
And I made a total of 13 prints:

Lots of colorful prints! 
One print on "Angel" and one on "Soldier" dictionary pages! 

2 of them are 5x7 so I can include them in the Happy Art Swap that I am participating in! I am contemplating selling some on Etsy, but I have not yet made up my mind.

Short post, I know, but I am still way behind from my trip to Warped Tour this weekend!  Hoping to share that with you tomorrow!! Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

29 July 2013

Finished Masks

Hello and Happy Monday!  I am currently down in Orlando -- I went to Warped Tour yesterday with my friend and classmate Erika!  But, I still wanted to share some pictures with you.  These are pictures of my classes finished Plaster Masks!!


The Whole Class Wearing our Masks

Now you can see the person behind the mask!

Angela's mask

Rupa's mask

Oliva's Mask

Mary's Mask

Jaimie's Mask

Hillary's Mask

Chelsea's Arm!! 

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the finished product!  I'll be back tonight and hopefully I'll have some good pics from our trip to Orlando (even though it is only a 2-day trip!) to share with you!!  Have a wonderful day!!

26 July 2013

Art Journal Pages!!

My favorite band, Breathe Carolina, recently released 3 new songs.  One of them got stuck in my head so I made a journal page about it:

I am not sure if I got the lyrics right or not, but that is what I heard when I listened to it so I figured that was what was important anyway.  I actually worked on this bit by bit over the course of about a week... but I really like how it turned out!

Another page I have recently completed was done in someone else's journal:

I made it as part of the Friendship Journal Swap (#FJSwap on Instagram) that I am participating in!  I am very happy with it.... I think its got a great message too!  

Hope you guys enjoyed the art journal peeks!  Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!  

25 July 2013

Art from the Weekend Workshop

During this past weekend workshop class I created a few pieces of art and I wanted to share them with you!   I made two pieces as part of the class.  I made them in my journal!!  

First, we had to identify out self-care network:

And then we had to develop an image that would remind us to practice self-care:

I'm really digging the watercolor with uniball pen on top lately! 

Thanks for stopping by, have a super awesome day!!  

24 July 2013

Plaster Mask Making

This past week in Therapeutic Use of Art Materials class we made masks out of plaster!!  It was fun, so I wanted to share some photos with you.

First step, cover whatever your going to put plaster on in Vaseline... here is a picture of my Vaseline covered face:

And then your partner puts the strips of plaster on you:

We had lots of cool outcomes.. here are some more photos:

And finally... some photos of dry masks:

Now, we have to decorate them!  You can decorate them with almost anything... spray paint, acrylic paint, watercolors, tissue paper collage, feathers, etc.  I really have no clue what I am going to do to mine, if anything.

Hope you enjoyed seeing all the crazy plaster pictures.  Thanks for stopping by, "see" ya tomorrow.

23 July 2013

ICAD 16-18

More lovely ICADs for you today!!  Woo.

16 July:
I absolutely hate how stressed out I have been lately. So, of course I have been journaling bout it.

17 July:
I am 100% ready for a vacation... I am counting down the days left in the summer semester until my "break" (during which I will write a conference presentation proposal as well as a Fulbright research proposal - yikes!)

18 July:

When I am the last fitness class of the evening, I have to sweep the room.  Since the room is covered with mirrors, I get to see me a lot... the other day I looked up and I thought "wow, I am curvy!!" and I was happy about it and then I thought how great it was that I had taken that attitude without thanking about it.  So, I wanted to document it!  See that name tag sticker? I got it from the $1 bin at Target... here is my haul:
See that washi tape?  I was surprised to find it at target... its really catching on, huh?  I LOVE the light bulb sticky notes... I am going to use them in my journals when I get an idea or write about ideas, etc.

Well friends, that is all for now, thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

22 July 2013

ICAD 13-15

More ICAD catchup photos!!!

13 July:
Over the summer one of our classes is 3 instances of 830-5pm class on a Friday and a Saturday.  Those classes are a bad way....they turn my brain to mush and I can't do anything else.  So, after our first one, Hillary and I decided that after the next one we would do a pizza and Dr. Who evening in order to relax and recover from the class.  It was a really way to end the day!

14 July:
As previously stated, I have been terribly stressed out lately due to thesis.  When I work out and it relieves all my stress (for a little while at least) I am always so surprised.  The 14th was one of those days where I went for a run and the rest of the day was better because of it!

15 July:
On the 15th I reached a point of extreme confusion in regards to my thesis... since thesis class was the following day I decided to take a break for the rest of the day and just do something not stress full.  So, I ran errands and made some art and watched TV.  It was AWESOME.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful Monday!

20 July 2013

July 11-12 ICAD

Wow... Ok, trying to catch up on ICAD, which shouldn't be too hard since my life currently consists of thesis, thesis, more thesis, sometimes other homework, and then more thesis.  Anyways, let me show you some ICAD photos!!!

11 July:
This is one of my most favorite ICAD so far!!

12 July:
Like many days lately, I was REALLY stressed out this day.

Today I am going with my friend's family to Thomasville, GA... were going to a farm/winery - I am super excited about seeing baby animals!!!  Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!!

19 July 2013

Pages in Jamie's Journal

Today I wanted to share the pages I created in Jamie's journal as part of the journal swap my class is doing this summer.

First, I doodled this during class:

and then our teacher gave us paper and wanted us to make "Stop" and "go" signs.  I did not follow directions, I made stop and go art journal pages that had nothing to do with the topic of our discussion!  Here they are:

The pages say all the things to stop doing, and all the things to keep doing or do more often!

And then I doodled this:

So, nothing too fancy, but that's ok with me.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Friday!

18 July 2013

ICAD July 9-10

Remember a few days ago I said research comes in peeks and valleys?  I made this ICAD set to reflect that.

July 9:
I randomly kocked out like 5 pages of writing without even trying.

July 10:
I tried all day to get stuff done and got about 2 pages written, plus I felt crappy.

On the bright side, I got two nice little works of art out of it! Thanks for stopping by today!