31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

Can you believe that it is the last day of 2013?  I can't.  This year zoomed by.  I have another travel art journal page to show you today!!  Here it is:

On the 26th - I went for a run and after mom got home for lunch we went after Christmas sale shopping.  We did not get much.  On the 27th - I went to mom's work to have lunch with her and later that night we went to see Saving Mr. Banks.  It is a very good movie and I recommend it if you have not yet seen it.  On the 28th - I took mom with me to go see Picasso and Matisse.  It was pretty modern for her tastes but she was nice enough to go with me since I wanted to see it.  I enjoyed it!

Since today is the last day of the year I wanted to let you to not throw out your old calendar yet!  You can cut them up and get days, months and numbers from them:

Mom cut one of her calendars up to keep the pictures she liked and then cut the days, months and numbers out of the remaining parts for me so that I could use them for journaling!  I have a big stash now!

30 December 2013

Christmas Travel Art Journal Pages part 2

Hello and welcome back!  More art journal goodness for you today! On the 22nd we went to see The Nutcracker:
Bass Hall - we were on the 5th floor!  

Here I am! 

Some of the characters signed autographs & did pictures after the show!
It was good!  We went over to downtown Fort Worth before and had lunch at the Cowtown Deli.  Then we saw the show and got some gourmet chocolates after.  It was a nice afternoon.

On the 23rd we went to the outlet mall to get me some jeans.  I have a hard to fit body but Luck Brand Jeans fit me pretty good.  So, mom bought me two pairs for Christmas.  We made burgers for dinner and I had trouble eating mine because it was so huge:

 On the 24th I did a fun 5K called the Reindeer Dash, so I had to wear antlers"
 Here is the cute t-shirt:
 They had real reindeer at the race:
 Here I am waiting for the race to start... mom got me that pink jacket for Christmas too!
 And the art journal page that shows it all:
 The race ended up being my last entry in the fitness journal spread I was working on... so, here it is:

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  Come back soon for some more!!  Have a great day.  

28 December 2013

Christmas Travel Art Journal Pages part 1

Hello friends!  Today I wanted to share a few photos of the art that has been made since I have been in Texas for Christmas break!!

My first page was the day I came here...nothing too fancy.
 The next page contained 4 days worth of entries.  We went to see White Christmas on the 18th - it was really good!!  I love going to see musicals but don't get to go very often - this was my 2nd one lol.

On the 19th we went to the Arlington Christkindl Market which was somewhat disappointing.  The adult stuff was expensive and the kids stuff was not applicable since we have no kids in the family right now.  Also, I lived in Germany for four years and went to a real German Christmas market - and my family went also when they came to visit  - that makes the American version less exciting.

On the 20th and 21st we did not do anything.  The family has been sick - mom, dad, and grandma - which means they needed lots of rest.  It also meant that my body was fighting it off so I didn't get sick and therefore I needed rest!

Come back tomorrow to see some more!!  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!

25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.  We got up this morning and had eggs, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast:

they were YUMMY.

We opened presents:
My Dad

Granny (Mom's mom)

My mom!

My parents are now officially outfitted with Seminole gear!!

And pretty soon we will be eating a lovely lunch cooked mostly by my mom - I helped but did not do nearly as much as she did.  We are having roasted chicken, a ham, sweet potato casserole, and corn bread stuffing.  YUM!!

Wishing you all a wonderful day with your loved ones!

23 December 2013

It's About Time!

Hello friends!  After talking about getting a wireless router for my parents for the last few years I finally did it. Merry Christmas to them!  It also makes my stay here easier since I can now access the Internet via my laptop, cell phone, and nook!  I am telling you this because it means that starting tomorrow I can start writing blog posts again and tell you what I have been up to this past week since being home!  "See" you tomorrow!!

20 December 2013

Merry Christmas to Me!

I've been quite generous to myself over the past few weeks, although most of it was on sale.  Anyways... I wanted to show you some of my new goodies.

A decorative mixed media bird to hang up...
 I put it on my tree until I figure out where it should go:
I got myself a 17x22 portfolio:

And some bookmaking materials:

Also got a bookmaking book and a new moleskin planner that I am going to use for Documented Life.

A green "Christmas" sweater w/ jewel buttons and a black scarf with sparkles on the end:

An art transport bag - to help me tote around art supplies at my next internship! 

A Smashbook!  

Some Udi's: 
And the jewelry I have on in this photo:
I got the jewelry from Pyramid Studios - its an art program from individuals with intellectual or developmental disorders.  Proceeds are somewhat for the individual who made the item and the rest to the program to keep it going!

19 December 2013

2 More RBP Pages & Christmas Presents

Two more pages in my right brain planner for you today!

There were Christmas themed!  That bottom page is all about the Christmas gifts I have received so far!!  Sarah from Rainbow Gecko Gallery sent me this:

My art therapy secrete santa got me:

And my best friend Hillary made this for me:

Plus all that chocolate from the camp holiday party!  I feel so loved this year and its not even Christmas yet.

18 December 2013

2 RBP Pages

I wanted to share some of my right brain planner collages with you today!  So, here they are:

Oddly, I added the "I want chocolate!" a day or two before camp... my wish came true, right?

17 December 2013

Camp Boggy Creek pt. 2

I spent another weekend at Camp Boggy Creek.  This past weekend was the annual holiday party!!  It was a lot of hard work but tons of fun.  I was at the table where the kids could make wallets out of used Newman's Own juice cartons.  Here are some photos:

Cutting the circles in the exact right spot without making them too big or too small is the hard part.

While waiting on a meeting I made this drawing:

Turn the page and it looks like this:

After the party we cleaned up and then later that evening we had a party for all the volunteers and we did a white elephant gift exchange.  I brought this gift:

A handmade (by me) journal, gel pens, chocolate santa, and three fun Christmas themed toys!

Here is the gift I got:

I "stole" it because there was 82 players and I was 76!  I wanted it because of the iTunes gift card ($25) and two lotto tickets.  I had no idea there was that much candy in there!  YIKES.  Needless to say I have already started working my way through that MilkyWay bag : )

16 December 2013

Web Imagery

I read a lot of blogs, one of them is Journal Fodder Junkies!  A little while back, Eric posted on their blog about the web imagery (link to youtube video!) that he has been making.  He asked for a collaboration and I decided to make one and send it to him!!  So, here is the one I made and sent:

And then I got addicted to it and made some more:

So far they are all in my Sketchbook Project art journal.  I need to finish it and mail it by the 14th of January - that is going to be a push!

If you do a web image please let me know so I can take a look!

13 December 2013

Camp Boggy Creek

Last weekend I went to Camp Boggy Creek to volunteer for their Asthma family weekend.  The camp is designed to give kids with serious medical issues a chance to go off to camp with other kids like them and have a great and memorable experience.  The camp has a medical center so that all medical needs can be taken care of on site by nurses and doctors!  Here is the camp website if you want to check it out

It was a great weekend.  My second family weekend there.  What happens when you volunteer is that you get assigned to a family and spend the entire weekend with them at the camp making sure the kids have an awesome time.

When I got home I made this spread in my art journal:

I am going back again this weekend for their annual holiday party.  Anyone who has been to camp all year can attend, so it will be about 1,000 people!  I did it last year and it was a blast!

I hope you guys have a good weekend too!

12 December 2013

More Christmas Postcards

Today I am going to show you the rest of my Christmas postcards!! Here they are:

I really had a good time making them.  Well not really the cutting them out part but the gluing and taping things part was enjoyable.  Hopefully they arrive safely and brighten someone's day.