21 February 2013

Coffee Filter Art Projects

Today I am going to share some more of my art therapy directives from my site!  So, I have had a coffee filter art theme going on lately!  (All of these pictures are my examples)

First, I did Tye-dye Coffee Filters:

I made colored water using food coloring.  Patients used eye droppers to pick up the colored water and drop it onto the coffee filter.  This project was used for motor skill development - for people who needed to work their hands.  A few days after doing this project I was walking down the hall and saw one of these hanging on a patients door!  It made me super happy!

Another coffee filter art project I did was Coffee Filter Mandalas.  You can do this many different ways.  I offered my patients the change to do this with watercolors:

And with water-soluble markers (Crayola Brand):

The best part of these last two was that you get 2-for-1 art... place a sheet of paper under the coffee filter when you add the watercolor or the water (in the case of the markers) and ta-da:

Awesome, right?

If you happen to try any of these please let me know how they turn out!!  Thanks for stopping by today, have a great day.

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