18 February 2013

Love was in the air

Hello!  Hope your having a wonderful Monday. I know that Valentines day was last week, and I am a bit late getting to this post, but life has been kinda crazy!!

First. I wanted to share some Love/Valentines Day themed mail art with you.  The week before Valentines I sent out the last of the Valentines mail art I had made....

because I had signed up for a handmade valentine swap!

A few days before Valentines I sent this one out:

It was for mom and dad!

And I got this:

It came from Sherri - an instagram buddy I made because she wanted to trade snail mail with someone! You know I couldn't pass up!

My last lovey-dovey mail art was:

Its re-cycled mail art which is awesome!  Also, on the inside it says that it came with "crazy, beautiful, unconditional, abundantly bountiful love" which I think is pretty awesome.  This one came from Amy and I think it was part of the Valentines swap!

And lastly, on Valentines Day...
At my internship site we had a dessert competition and therefore I got to taste a bunch of wonderful desserts.  Also, a friend of mine submitted a photo of he and I to the local newspaper for a Valentines Day Couples online gallery and of course they selected us.... I say of course because we are in no way a couple... he just thought it would be funny to submit out photo.

So, did any of you have a great valentines day??

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  1. We Both received Valentine Art From Amy! What A Great And Fun Coinkydink! Loved To See Your Valentine Art, As Well :)