15 February 2013


Hi there friends.  Just wanted to say hello and apologize for not writing much this week!  I have been so busy that I feel a bit crazy.  Homework seems to be keeping me busy to the point I am finishing assignments the night before they are due and I am not working on anything that needs more attention than a few days - by that I mean research papers!  I forced myself to start writing one of the papers on Wednesday when class was canceled due to our instructor being sick.  I spent Valentines day at Internship site and then prepping for today.

Today we are having the interviews for next year's incoming art therapy class!  I am the art therapy adviser's graduate assistant so I am quite busy with this.  I had to go shopping to get food to feed all of the applicants (19 or 20 of them) plus the girls that will be helping me out.  I also had to email all of the interviewees (and FYI there are another 10 not being interviewed today!) and arrange their interview times and find out if they were going to dinner with us tonight!  So, I will be there from 8am until probably 9pm today!  Yikes.  The good thing is that I get to meet all of the people that will be in next year's class.

Also..... My iPhoto library has been giving me some issues and since I am still new to Mac computers I don't know how to fix it.  I will be trying, but need time!  I appreciate your patience.

One thing I did not share with you yet, and still have access to the pictures, is that our Peace Papers artwork is being exhibited at the school library! This is the art made from our old uniforms.  So, here is the sign at the beginning of the show:
All the small pictures on the border are mine!

and my piece:

And some others:

Mine is the one on the left!  

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  I will try to write more next week!  Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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