22 February 2013


One of our classes this semester is about assessments (aka tests).  This week we did the House-Tree-Person test. In order to learn about the test, we read (ALOT) and then we actually do the test as if we were the client.  So, first you have the client draw a house:

And then a tree:

Then a person:

Last, they have to draw a person of the opposite sex:

Here is what you should know about my test... I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Our teacher gave us 15 minutes per drawing.  I would have done a very quick house and stopped after about 3 minutes, but with so much extra time I kept adding details.  The tree was also more detailed than I would probably have done without knowing I had 15 minutes (in the real test you don't give a time limit - you let them take as long as they want.)  By the end of the tree my arm/hand were hurting so my people were draw rather quick and then I just read an art therapy article until the time had elapsed.

Things like that are important to consider.

This semester we have to give tests to two people.  So, after today I decided not to use this one.  It wore me out and most of my clients are significantly old and highly medicated since we are in a hospital so they are usually already tired.  I think the best part of the class was getting to see everyone else's drawings!!

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