28 February 2013

Never too much mail art

More mail art!  There is never too much of it - I LOVE IT!  Anyways, here are some photos I have yet shared with you!

The heart of rock and roll was sent to me by Penny:

I love it!  Mail art & music...and holiday (Valentines) appropriate!

This lovely bloom card was sent by Jan:

Again, quite holiday appropriate and I love the glitter!!

More glitter, in the form of a butterfly:

Was sent by Brandi!

Kim sent me a lot more hearts:

Thanks Kim.

This lovely mixed media card:

Came from Theresa and she included a fabric heart too!  Thank you!!

Another mixed media piece came from Katie:

Thank you Katie!

Lastly, and certainly not least, my mom sent me:

I am so excited to go shopping!!

I think that I've received all the mail art that is headed my way for now.  I have signed up for another swap but the mailings on that are not until the first week of April... so there might be a lag in receiving mail art.  On the other hand I now need to make some more mail art so I will be able to show that to you!!

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  1. How lovely to receive such beautiful mail, makes you look forward to the postman coming! MM x