15 September 2014

August 10th: Windsor Castle and Kew Gardens

On the 10th of August mom and I got on a train and headed out to Windsor Castle to see the Queen!  

Gardens at Windsor

Outside of Windsor Castle I saw Kate and the Queen:

 Then we took the train to see Kew Gardens.  The gardens were lovely but we didn't not get to see all of them because of the rain and getting there towards a little too late to keep riding the train that goes around the garden (we were too tired/sore to walk all the grounds since its so big!)  We really liked the Kew Gardens!

Kew Palace

 I would certainly recommend both of these destinations if you are going to London - it doesn't take that long to get to them via train and they were both great.

Here is my art journal page about these two places:

Come back tomorrow to see my recap of our Highereclere Castle (Downton Abbey) Tour!

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