11 September 2014

August 5-6: London!

Today begins the re-cap of my post graduation vacation!  So, on August 5th mom and I got on a plane and headed to London.  We landed on the morning of the 6th and spent that day doing lots of running around!  We started in Trafalgar Square:

 And we went into the National Gallery (of course!) to see some of the wonderful art:

And then we headed to the British Museum and saw lots of cool artifacts including a copy of the rosetta stone.  After that we went to the British Library to see old manuscripts and religious texts.  I found this cool book bench:

 We didn't make it much longer after that due to jet lag.

Here is the art journal page that I made:

Tomorrow continues the vacation re-cap, I hope you will join me!  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!!

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