17 September 2014

August 12th: Mom Leaves

August 12th was Mom's last day in London.  We actually took her to the airport first thing that morning.  After mom was at the airport, I ran around London on my own trying to get to the sites I had on my list that we had not yet been to!  I first went to Westminster Abbey..

Then I took a tour of the Houses of Parliament... it was pretty cool.  

Next I ran across town to see St. Paul's Cathedral...

 I climbed all the steps all the way to the very top platform... it was HIGH up, but the views were amazing.  Look close... you can see the London eye in the background of this picture:

After St. Paul's I went to Picadillly Circus but I was not impressed and I was quite tired from all the walking that I had already done.  So, I got some dinner and went back to my hotel.  Here is my journal page about this day:

This was a wonderful but very tiring day!  Come back tomorrow and I will tell you all about my last morning in London and my first evening in Cardiff!

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