08 September 2014

Birthday Bucket List Review 2014

Birthday Bucket List

Each year before my birthday I come up with a list of things to do before my next birthday.  The number of things I put on the list is the same as my age.  I have been doing it for several years now and I really like it.  Since my birthday was yesterday I decided to post about the list and show you what I was able to do.  Red means I was not able to do it, and black text are things I have done!

32 Things to Do Before I am 33
1. Participate in the Sketchbook Project (see some pages here, and here)
2. Present at Conference -  presented at the FATA Conference and a symposium; still scheduled to present at the American Art Therapy Conference in July.
3. Friendship Journal swap with my best friend Hillary - We started but it is sill going! 
4. Go on a Cruise - Cruise part 1part 2part 3art journal 
5. Go to a new country - see cruise above
6. Go on a post graduation vacation - I went to England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland!!  I will post about that soon! 
7. Go to Disney - Magic KingdomEpcotAnimal KingdomHollywood StudiosArt journal Pages
8. Do a 10K 
9. Volunteer at Camp - see posts Camp Boggy Creek and Camp Boggy Creek pt. 2
10.  Go to a Seminole Basketball Game
11.  Go to a new city- I went to San Diego, see posts for  part 1part 2, and  part 3
12.  Complete an art journal - I completed several of them!!  
13.  Go to a pumpkin patch
14.  Go to a Christmas show - I Saw White Christmas, and The Nutcracker 
15.  Get certified as a water aerobics instructor
16.  Finish my ACE group fitness instructor continuing education hours  - I am still working on this! 
17.  Have my resume looked at by the career center
18.  Complete my USA Jobs profile (the website for getting a job with the VA/DOD)
19.  Do an affirmation journal (I might incorporate this into my documented life project planner) - I started but did not keep this up.  
20.  Continue to participate in the Happy Art Swap - I participated for the vast majority of the year! 
21.  Do a postcard swap - I did the DIY Postcard Swap, see post 1post 2,post 3, and post 4
22.  Order business cards - see Veteran Art Therapy post
23.  Go to Texas for Christmas
24.  Finish my thesis - Done and done! 
25.  Go to the beach
26.  Go to an art show - I saw Picasso and Matisse  at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth
27.  Stop having caffeine
28.  Eat clean - did pretty good.  
29.  Do at least 20 of the journaling cards I have from Judy Peebles 
30.  Read at least 5 just for fun books - I don't write blog posts about this but here are the last 8 books I have read, all between finals and New Years!: Black Moon Beginnings, Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Series - The Medium, Possession, and Evermore, Arelia LaRue Novels - Bound, Punished, Possessed, Oppressed
31.  Try a new workout - I did spinning for the first time every.  Great workout.  Not nearly as pain inducing as I had anticipated! 
32.  Documented Life Project - I have kept up with this so far except for when I went on vacation but I journaled all of those day so I think it counts! 

Soon I will get to work on my 33 things to do before my 34th birthday list.  Once it is complete I will let you know! 

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