10 October 2014

FSU Veteran Creative Arts Workshop 2014

A few weeks ago I went back to FSU to help with their annual creative arts workshop!!  Here are some photos from the first day when we were set up on the Union Green and had a make-and-take event where any student could stop by and learn about paper making and make some paper!

FSU Student Veteran Center's new logo ready for screen printing!

pressing water out of the paper with a Gator!
 And pictures from the workshop:

It was a lot of fun!  I went as an art therapist  - so I was there if anyone needed someone to talk to.  I helped with the workshop too.  I also made a few sheets of paper!!  Here are some photos:

Half Army - Half Navy Paper

Half Air Force - Half Marines

Some fabric that was dyed purple...and put a retro lady on it
I loved helping with this event!  I am super excited to be working with Peace Paper Project again in November when they are going to Texas Tech University.


  1. So glad you are able to go to these events. Your presence is an added value!!

    1. Thank you Trece!! I felt really lucky that I was able to go and share in this experience with the students.